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Developer(s) Namco
Publisher(s) Namco
Designer(s) Kohji Kenjoh
Composer(s) Yoshie Arakawa[1]
Platform(s) Arcade, Virtual Console
Release Arcade
  • JP: July 1993
Virtual Console
  • JP: March 26, 2009
Genre(s) Puzzle game
Mode(s) 2 players can play simultaneously
Cabinet Upright, cabaret, and cocktail
Arcade system Namco NA-1
CPU 1x Motorola 68000 @ 12.5 MHz,
1x Motorola M37702 @ 12.5 MHz
Sound 1x C140 @ 44.1 kHz
Display Horizontal orientation, Raster, 304 x 224 resolution

Emeraldia (エメラルディア Emerarudia?) is a puzzle arcade game released by Namco in 1993 only in Japan; it runs on the company's NA-1 hardware, and was the eighth game from them to allow scores not ending in "0" as well as the third of this type that did not use a Yamaha YM2151 for its music. On March 26, 2009, it was rereleased on the Wii's Virtual Console - and the Stars (from Cosmo Gang: The Puzzle) also appear during the game's Normal mode, but this time they will eliminate every block of the colour that they land on. The Ojama Blocks in Versus mode also have the face of "Gerochan", the frog from Super World Court; they will appear upon the other player's side of the screen when one player eliminates a lot of blocks at once (their dolphin will blow up a beach ball and bounce it over to the other side during this time) and cannot be eliminated.


This game has three modes of play; Adventure, Normal, and Versus. In all three modes, both players must line up blocks of a particular colour - and when three blocks have been lined up (vertically), they will crack. Once a fourth block of that same colour lands on the three cracked ones, they will all shatter; for Adventure Mode, the object is to get the trapped sea creatures down to the bottom of the screen. After each ocean has been cleared, the player will receive an item which can be activated by pushing the stick up and pressing the button - however, each item can only be used once, and only in the ocean that follows the one it was received at the end of. At the end of the "Mystic Ocean", the player will have to defeat a sea demon named Jamir, by cracking the block he is possessing with his face; he will then go on to possess a different block, and once the blocks he possesses have been cracked six times, he will be defeated. However, the game will not be over at this point - as there is still one more stage that has to be cleared (called the "Escape Stage"), where the player must get seven pink dolphins and one blue one (which appear as part of the block groups) down to the bottom of the screen. Once it has been cleared, the player shall receive a "Clear Bonus" of 100000 points, an "Item Bonus" of up to 400000 points, and a "Level Bonus" of up to 430000 points (it will be reset if the player chooses to continue); it is only then that the game will end.


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