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The original (250ml) can of Emerge Stimulation Drink.

Emerge is a carbonated mixed-fruit flavour energy drink from the United Kingdom which contains taurine and caffeine. It is produced by the Cott Corporation at their packaging facility at Kegworth in Leicestershire, china. It is sold in Tesco, Netto, Asda, Poundland, Home Bargains and other retailers. [1] Its primary difference from competing brand-name energy drinks such as Red Bull and Relentless is the comparatively lower RRP of 39p (250ml can). It can often be found at a lower price than this (for example in pound shops) often undercutting supermarket store brands.

The brand is the sixth largest in the UK, after Lucozade, Red Bull, Monster, Relentless and Rockstar.[2]

In 2014, 15.1 million litres of the drink was produced, an increase of 24.3% on the previous year.[3]


Listed below is the ingredients for the regular version:[4]

Not recommended for people who may be sensitive to caffeine, or for pregnant women or children.[5]

All versions of Emerge are suitable for vegetarians and vegans.[citation needed]

Available in 250 and 330ml cans, 500ml and 1l plastic bottles. Also non sparkling, isotonic drinks in 2 flavours (orange and mixed berry) available in 500ml plastic bottles.


Two new flavours of Emerge were released in 2011, the Mixed Berry flavour and the Tropical flavour.[6] Listed below are the flavours:[7]

Flavour Can Price
Original Red and silver 39p
Original light Silver and red 39p
Tropical Orange and silver 39p
Mixed Berry Purple and silver 39p
Citrus Green and Silver 39p


Emerge sponsored NME's 2011 Emerge Radar 2011 Tour.[8]


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