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The Emergency Disconnect Package (EDP) is designed for an emergency allowing the completion/intervention vessel(also known as a well intervention vessel to disconnect from the subsea well while under load with a high disconnection angle.The EDP is used within what is called a workover system. A workover system is basically a series of valves and high strength pipe connecting a floating drilling rig to the subsea Christmas tree. The EDP disconnects from the lower riser package, and isolates the riser from the environment.The EDP consists of a connector to the lower riser package,an isolation valve, accumulator, a subsea control module and a connection point at the top for connection to the riser pipe. A production retainer valve shuts in the riser and the annulus master valve shuts in the riser. A crossover valve allows circulation of the riser after disconnection.A Heavy Completion / Intervention System includes Lower Riser Package, Emergency Disconnect Package, riser joints, specialty riser joints, tensioner system and surface tree.

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