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Logo of Emergenza
Location(s) Worldwide (began in Rome)
Years active 1992–present
Envy from Oslo, Norway at Emergenza Barcelona 2011
Knuckles of Frisco on Emergenza Benelux 2011
TBA from Prague, Czeck Republic at Emergenza Barcelona 2009
Yaseede from Padova, Italy at Emergenza Barcelona 2009

Emergenza is "the world's largest festival for unsigned bands, with concerts in more than 150 cities around the world."[1] It features "up and coming bands from across the globe."[2]

There are elimination rounds in different countries throughout the year, whereby the bands that advance are selected by the audiences that hear them. Professional judges choose the winners at regional and final concerts.[1]


The first Emergenza Festival emerged in 1992, when a group of musician friends staged the first event in Rome, Italy, before an audience of 245. Five months later, the attendance had grown to three thousand, and in that year the festival's first compilation album was made. From 1993 to 2003 Emergenza recorded 54 such albums, both live and in studio. In 1995 the Emergenza logo was created.

On January 7, 1996, the Gibus Club in Paris hosted the first Emergenza concert outside Italy. One hundred thirteen bands signed up. The following year 2,500 people attended the first Emergenza European Final at the London Astoria in the United Kingdom.

In 2001, the festival crossed the Atlantic Ocean to Montreal, and in 2002 five cities hosted Emergenza; by 2003 more than 700 bands were playing 190 engagements in the first U.S. season. The following year, 2,876 musicians took part in the United States, and some sixteen thousand played for audiences in Europe and Canada. In 2005, seventy North American cities took part.

The Emergenza Festival spread to both Japan and Australia in 2006, with shows in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Tokyo. Later, Perth in Western Australia and Brisbane were included in Australia's list. From 2008 through 2010, The Czech Republic, Slovenia, Russia and New Zealand began participating.

International finals[edit]


Year Finalist Band City/Country Place Prize
2015 Ninja Beats Japan 1
2015 Green Light District Finland 2
2015 Casablanca Drivers France 3
2015 Pravada Russia 4 Best Drummer
2015 Love Cream Australia 5 Best Singer
2015 Iréne Sweden 6
2015 Cedric Germany 7
2015 Candy Robbers Belgium 8
2015 Alfen Denmark 9
2015 Death Koolaid UK 10
2015 Lee Youn Chan Band South Korea 11 Best Guitarist
2015 Syndicate Germany 12
2015 Schoko Germany 13 Best Bassist
2015 Pora Wiatru Poland 14
2015 Siren Italy 15
2015 The II Romans Switzerland 16
2015 The Plugs France 17
2015 Pop James Italy 18
2015 Les Funktionnaires Canada 19
2015 To By Four The Netherlands 20


Year Finalist Band City/Country Place Prize
2014 The Scheen Norway 1
2014 The Kitchies France 2 2nd Best Drummer
2014 Shata QS Poland 3 Best Singer
2014 Mercury White Australia 4
2014 Achille's Family France 5 Best Drummer
2014 Oak and Willow Italy 6 2nd Best Bass
2014 The Shouting Men Germany 7 Best Bass
2014 Mr. Serious and Groove Monkeys Germany 7 2nd Best Guitar
2014 Guesstimate Spain 9
2014 Blue Machine Denmark 10 Best Guitar
2014 Face Switzerland 11
2014 Roadcrew The Nederland 12
2014 Thekenpoet Germany 13
2014 The Asphere's Japan 14
2014 Swim Russia 15
2014 Carlos Candido Band Canada 16
2014 David Pear UK 17
2014 Yabanci Degiliz Turkey 18


Year Finalist Band City/Country Place Prize
2013 Obsolete Radio France 1
2013 Goldmouth Germany 2 Best Guitarist
2013 Ordinary People Italy 3 Best Bassist
2013 Cuervo Australia 4 2nd Best Bassist
2013 Shout Finland 5
2013 Taro & Jiro Japan 6 2nd Best Guitarist
2013 Finalstair Germany 7 Best Drummer
2013 Hey! Elizabeth Italy 7
2013 Collect Call From Mars Netherland 9
2013 Cities Lullabies France 10
2013 Straight Jack Cat Poland 11
2013 Noyze Canada 12
2013 Rocco Russia 13 Best Singer
2013 Awesome Arnold Switzerland 14
2013 Flowers in Syrup Germany 15
2013 Black Orchid Empire UK 16 2nd Best Drummer
2013 Negative Nancy Sweden 17
2013 Vucaque Spain 18
2013 Kaos Turkey 19


Year Finalist Band City/Country Place Prize
2012 Hurricane Love Sweden 1
2012 The Joking France 2 Best bassist
2012 Rhys Crommin & The Toms Australia 3
2012 Avaivartika Japan 4 2nd-best bassist
2012 The Blennies Italy 5 2nd-best drummer
2012 Mari!Mari! Russia 6 2nd-best guitarist
2012 Dudes Norway 5
2012 Odette Spain 8 Best drummer
2012 The Carnabys UK 9 Best guitarist
2012 Jimmy Dee Netherlands 10
2012 Disconnected Blind Canada 11
2012 Alcapell Germany 12
2012 Wellbad Germany 13
2012 Chico Poland 14
2012 Buddies France 15
2012 I Come From the Sun Germany 16 Best singer
2012 Caffeine Czech Republic 17
2012 Mono Band Turkey 18


Year Finalist Band City/Country Place Prize
2011 Nico & Vinz Oslo, Norway 1 Winning Band
2011 LSD on CIA Copenhagen. Denmark 2 2nd band, best bass player
2011 Ruby Cube Toulouse, France 3 Best guitar player
2011 S.H.E. Tokyo, Japan 4
2011 LeBelle Melbourne, Australia 5 Woodbrass prize
2011 Emmecosta Gotenborg, Sweden 6 2nd-best drummer
2011 Cafe Jazz Dresden, Germany 5 Best drummer
2011 Cours Toujours Montreal, Canada 8 Best singer
2011 Rag Dolls Basilea, Switzerland 9
2011 No Comment Band Minsk, Belarus 10 2nd-best bass player
2011 Downhill Bratislava, Slovakia 11
2011 Filthy Whisky London. UK 12
2011 Mathieu Neil Paris, France 13
2011 Knuckles of Frisco Arnhem, Netherlands 14 2nd-best guitar player
2011 Kerouac Dublin, Ireland 15
2011 Professor Grabowski Munich, Germany 16
2011 Cyrene Barcelona, Spain 17
2011 F.O.O.S. Turin, Italy 18


Year Finalist Band City/Country Place Prize
2010 Hanatochiruran Tokyo, Japan 1 Winning band, 2nd-best bass player
2010 Waldo & Marsha Århus, Denmark 2 2nd band
2010 Barton Fink Montreal, Canada 3 2nd-best drummer
2010 Modern Error Sydney, Australia 4
2010 Phases Cachés Paris, France 5 Best bass player
2010 Factory Brains Stockholm, Sweden 6 Best guitar player
2010 Waste Bayreuth, Germany 7 Best singer
2010 Pop-Porn Prague, Czech Republic 8 Best drummer
2010 Sir James Tilburg, Netherlands 9 2nd-best guitar player
2010 Manolo Panic Zurich, Switzerland 10
2010 C.A.N. Paris, France 11
2010 Stepanov's Starlings St. Petersburg, Russia 12
2010 Brothorst Oberursel, Germany 13
2010 Stardust Florence, Italy 14
2010 Envy Assured London, UK 15
2010 The Melillo Brothers New York, USA 16
2010 Wednesday Fall Barcelona, Spain 17


Year Finalist Band City/Country Place Prize
2009 Kid Galahad Gothenburg, Sweden 1 Winning band, best drummer
2009 Werner Krauss Leipzig, Germany 2 2nd band
2009 YaSeeDee Ferrara, Italy 3 Best bass player
2009 The Wallpapers Paris, France 4
2009 The Reefs Melbourne, Australia 5 2nd-best drummer
2009 Guru Guru Tokyo, Japan 6 2nd-best guitar player
2009 The Excess Munich, Germany 7 Best guitar player
2009 Back Pocket Memory Los Angeles, USA 8
2009 Lily Sparks New York, USA 9 Best singer
2009 Year of the Dog Helsinki, Finland 10
2009 The Vlegels Tilburg, Netherlands 11
2009 Kaodic Montreal, Canada 12 2nd-best bass player
2009 Leet Hamburg, Germany 13
2009 The Winter Kicks London, UK 14
2009 Gorodskaya Kultura Moscow, Russia 15
2009 TBA Prague, Czech Republic 16
2009 Clock N' Works Paris, France 17
2009 Susan's Red Nipples Barcelona, Spain 18


Year Finalist Band City/Country Place Prize
2008 Gloria Cycles Brighton, UK 1 Winning band
2008 The Mad Trist Maastricht, Netherlands 2 2nd band
2008 A Match for the Curious Toronto, Canada 3 2nd-best guitar player
2008 The Novelstilo Tokyo, Japan 4 Best singer
2008 The Vandolls Sydney, Australia 5 Best guitar player
2008 Temple Hill New York, USA 6 Best bass player
2008 Tako Lako Copenhagen, Denmark 7 Best drummer
2008 Crossed Keys Los Angeles, USA 8
2008 The King Size Treviso, Italy 9
2008 Namaste Paris, France 10
2008 The Ran Helsinki, Finland 11
2008 Tash Stuttgart, Germany 12
2008 Die Fischer Munich, Germany 13
2008 Drowning Fate Frankfurt, Germany 14 2nd-best drummer
2008 Aerial View Nancy, France 15
2008 PXR Budapest, Hungary 16
2008 Katarsick Barcelona, Spain 17
2008 Dizastro Chicago, USA 18


Year Finalist Band City/Country Place Prize
2007 Fire Flies New York, USA 1 Winning band, best drummer
2007 The New Hotness Los Angeles, USA 2 2nd band
2007 Für Kerstins Letzte Munich, Germany 3 3rd band
2007 La Tête Ailleurs Paris, France 4
2007 McGoozer London, UK 5 Best singer
2007 Park Avenue Milan, Italy 6 Best guitar player
2007 The 101's Tilburg, Netherlands 7 2nd-best drummer
2007 Monorev Bern, Switzerland 8
2007 Thalamus Stockholm, Sweden 9 Best bass player
2007 Sunset Drivers Montreal, Canada 10 Mentioned guitar player, mentioned bass player
2007 The Jerks Stuttgart, Germany 11
2007 Furykane Paris, France 12
2007 Metro Vox Chicago, USA 13
2007 Mirramaze Oslo, Norway 14
2007 No One Cares Barcelona, Spain 15
2007 4th Street Traffic London, UK 16
2007 Stillroom Dublin, Ireland 17


Year Finalist Band City/Country Place Prize
2006 The Sessions Vancouver, Canada 1 Winning band
2006 The New Brand Copenhagen, Denmark 2 2nd band, best original song, 2nd-mentioned drummer
2006 My Baby Wants to Eat Your Pussy Munich, Germany 3 3rd-best band, best drummer, best singer, 2nd-best bass player, best rhythm, best electric-guitar player
2006 Berto Ramon Chicago, USA 4 Best visual & sound performance
2006 Concubine Tilburg, Netherlands 5 Mentioned drummer
2006 Sujeto K Valencia, Spain 6 Mentioned bass player, 2nd-mentioned guitar player
2006 The Echoes Dallas, USA 7
2006 Verse of Trek Bordeaux, France 8
2006 Son Cologne, Germany 9
2006 Humano Granada, Spain 10
2006 Bawdy Festival Paris, France 11
2006 The Greed Stockholm, Sweden 12 Best rhythm guitar, 2nd-best drummer, best guitar arrangements, mentioned guitar player
2006 Cabiria Milan, Italy 13
2006 Captain Cutthroat Boston, USA 14 2nd-best drummer
2006 Lament Leipzig, Germany 15 Best acoustic-guitar player
2006 Dear Catastrophe Dublin, Ireland 16
2006 Daily Blowjob Florence, Italy 17
2006 Ill System London, UK 18
2006 Vile Conundrum San Francisco, USA 19 Best bass player
2006 Kid at the Back London, UK 20
2006 Flashmob Basel, Switzerland 21
2006 Hellrazor Vancouver, Canada 22


Year Finalist Band City/Country Place Prize
2005 Rock Hard Power Spray Århus, Denmark 1 Winning band, best electric-guitar player
2005 Natives of the New Dawn Detroit, USA 2 2nd band, best singer, best performance, best guitar arrangements
2005 LIK…ID Paris, France 3
2005 Echovalve Chicago, USA 4 Best bass player
2005 Kimono Berlin, Germany 5
2005 Indra Manchester, UK 6 Best drummer
2005 Pummel Edinburgh, UK 7
2005 The Naives Madrid, Spain 8 Best original song
2005 Band Called Pharisee Chicago, USA 9
2005 Sixteenth Solid Spread Barcelona, Spain 10 Best rhythm guitar
2005 Stonefield Cologne, Germany 11
2005 The Perfect Guardaroba Ancona, Italy 12
2005 Blush Basel, Switzerland 13 Best acoustic-guitar player
2005 Seven Stories Montreal, Canada 14
2005 Ska'n'Ska Stockholm, Sweden 15
2005 Kill the Nice Guy Florence, Italy 16
2005 Lazuright Lindau, Germany 17
2005 Fast Friday Luxembourg, Luxembourg 18
2005 Hindoslem Vienna, Austria 19 Best bass player
2005 Chugga-Chugga Paris, France 20


Finalist Band City/Country Place Prize
Mr Brown Hamburg, Germany 1 Winning band
Lexxi Glasgow, UK 2 2nd band
Les Breauvachons Paris, France 3 Best acoustic-guitar player, best visual & sound performance
Fluttr Boston, USA 4
Pete Möss Montreal, Canada 5 Best rhythm-guitar player, best singer
Idioterne Madrid, Spain 6 Best drummer
Glasshouse Philadelphia, UK 7
Einshoch6 Munich, Germany 8
Lost Property Office Rome, Italy 9
Mellophone Århus, Denmark 10 Best original song
Running Against Radar Toronto, Canada 11
Granvista Gothenburg, Sweden 12
Addicted Milan, Italy 13
Fevertree Bournemouth, UK 14 Best guitar player
Ego Barcelona, Spain 15 Best bass player, best keyboard player
Alta Pressione Florence, Italy 16
Mē Sages Paris, France 17
Pretty Overdosed Vienna, Austria 18 Best drummer
Elfish Zurich, Switzerland 19 Best bass player
Klartext Berlin, Germany 20


Finalist Band City/Country Place Prize
Nervous Nellie Stockholm, Sweden 1 Winning band
Dead by Chocolate Bologna, Italy 2 2nd band, second-best guitar
La Suite Mosquito Barcelona, Spain 3
No Radical Change Florence, Italy 4 Third-best drummer
Muff Hannover, Germany 5
Sirupop Vienna, Austria 6
Slave to the Squarewave Toronto, Canada 7 Second-best guitar
Toupé Southampton, UK 8 Best bass, second-best drummer, best show, best arrangements
Klem Paris, France 9 Best drummer
Sutrapumo Copenhagen, Denmark 10
Elikan Dew Berlin, Germany 11
Inborn Luxembourg, Luxembourg 12
Revoc On Milan, Italy 13
Jove London, UK 14 Best singer
Bist Munich, Germany 15 Best bess player, best keyboard player
Inertia Rome, Italy 16
Broken Pictures Montreal, Canada 17
Flangers Montpellier, France 18
BSK Zurich, Switzerland 19
Duke Bordeaux, France 20 Best guitar, second-best bass
Crave Madrid, Spain 21
Sleeping Sun Ruhrgebiet, Germany 22 Second-best guitar
Toadstool Genoa, Italy 23
Mahout Operator Frankfurt, Germany 24
Adrenalin Cologne, Germany 25
Maechtig Hamburg, Germany 26


Finalist Band City/Country Place Prize
Munshy Paris, France 1 Winning band, best guitar, best drummer, best singer, best live show
Kerosin Berlin, Germany 2 2nd band, 3rd-best drummer
Stone Park Stockholm, Sweden 3 2nd-best drummer, best original song
Direct Line Montreal, Canada 4 Third-best drummer
Orange Marmalade Zurich, Switzerland 5
Ners Bologna, Italy 6
Uncle Rock London, UK 7 Second-best guitar
The Grand Copenhagen, Denmark 8
Verdrengungskuntler Hamburg, Germany 9
Jay Kod Brussels, Belgium 10 Best bass
Itchy Poopzkid Mannheim, Germany 11
Desert Rain Dortmund, Germany 12


Finalist Band City/Country Place Prize
Willowtree Stockholm, Sweden 1 Winning band
Sincere Brussels, Belgium 2 2nd band
Morris Copenhagen, Denmark 3 Best song
Sore! Hamburg, Germany 4 Best guitar
Mindjuice Munich, Germany 5 Best guitar
Athenais Montpellier, France 6 Best singer
Pimate Pookie Hannover, Germany 7 Best show
Thaibnakkel Frankfurt, Germany 8 Best bassist
Deadline Munich, Germany 9
Tiger Fernandez Luxembourg, Luxembourg 10
13 Ampsun London, UK 11
Big-Tingsagwan Paris, France 12 Best drummer
Free Fall Dortmund, Germany 13 Best bassist
330 Mle Vienna, Austria 14
Zero Tre Florence, Italy 15
Rearview Cologne, Germany 16
Frozen Peas Zurich, Switzerland 17
Introdusco Milan, Italy 18
Variety Karlsruhe, Germany 19 Best bassist
Drew Rome, Italy 20


Finalist Band City/Country Place Prize
Altzheima Karlsruhe, Germany
Zen Rome, Italy
Big Bang Paris, France
L.D.C. Luxembourg, Luxembourg
The Oujia Problem London, UK

No places were awarded this year.

Showcases and tours[edit]

During the past few years Emergenza music festival has helped many bands by getting signed or by taking them on the road.

Here's an example many bands who have been signed to such diverse labels such as Universal, A&E, Roastinghouse and Roadrunner.


Many others had publishing deals or music placings in commercials or movies.

The Best of Emergenza Showcase Tour is a special series of shows featuring the top winners of the Emergenza Festival who are taken on tour around North America and Europe. The B.E.S.T. showcases are incorporated into the Emergenza shows and the selected bands play at the end of the each concert night. From 2007, the BEST Tour had slots of shows during South By Southwest Festival in Austin, Texas.

2002 Best of Emergenza Tour In November 2002, Emergenza took the three best bands of the past season, WILLOWTREE from Stockholm, SINCERE from Antwerp and KEROSIN from Berlin, and put them on a sleeper coach to tour intier Germany. Hosted by a local Emergenza Band, they played known rock venues such as Underground, Knaack Klub, Logo, Batschkapp and Live Station. Within one year, all three bands had signed with booking agencies and either major- or independent record labels and publishing companies.

24.11.2002 Frankfurt Batschkapp WILLOWTREE (SE) + SINCERE (B) + KEROSIN (D) et al. "Best Of Emergenza Tour"
25.11.2002 Dortmund Live Station WILLOWTREE (SE) + SINCERE (B) + KEROSIN (D) et al. "Best Of Emergenza Tour"
26.11.2002 Cologne Underground WILLOWTREE (SE) + SINCERE (B) + KEROSIN (D) et al. "Best Of Emergenza Tour"
27.11.2002 Munich Backstage WILLOWTREE (SE) + SINCERE (B) + KEROSIN (D) et al. "Best Of Emergenza Tour"
28.11.2002 Karlsruhe Substage WILLOWTREE (SE) + SINCERE (B) + KEROSIN (D) et al. "Best Of Emergenza Tour"
29.11.2002 Nuernberg Luise WILLOWTREE (SE) + SINCERE (B) + KEROSIN (D) et al. "Best Of Emergenza Tour"
30.11.2002 Berlin Knaack KLub WILLOWTREE (SE) + SINCERE (B) + KEROSIN (D) et al. "Best Of Emergenza Tour"
31.11.2002 Hamburg Logo WILLOWTREE (SE) + SINCERE (B) + KEROSIN (D) et al. "Best Of Emergenza Tour"

2004 Best of Emergenza Tour

Also in 2004 there was a tour of the most promising Emergenza bands through Germany and France. 20.10.2004 Heidelberg Schwimmbad Music Club MUNSHY (FR) + TREETONE (GER) + AKA FRONTAGE (GER) et al. "Best Of Emergenza Tour" 21.10.2004 Hamburg Logo MUNSHY (FR) + MR BROWN (GER) + TREETONE (GER) et al. "Best Of Emergenza Tour" 22.10.2004 Berlin Knaack Klub MUNSHY (FR) + MR BROWN (GER) + TREETONE (GER) et al. "Best Of Emergenza Tour" 24.10.2004 Munich Backstage Club MUNSHY (FR) + NERVOUS NELLIE (SWE) + TREETONE (GER) et al. "Best Of Emergenza Tour" 25.10.2004 Cologne Underground MUNSHY (FR) + NERVOUS NELLIE (SWE) + TREETONE (GER) et al. "Best Of Emergenza Tour" 27.10.2004 Paris Gibus Le Club MUNSHY (FR) + TREETONE (GER) et al. "Best Of Emergenza Tour"

2009-2011 EUROPEAN FESTIVAL- AND CLUB TOURS Since 2008/2009 the International Winner of Emergenza Festival has the choice to go on a European Tour including open air festivals and clubshows. The bands GLORIA CYCLES (GB, 2009), KID GALAHAD (SWE, 2010) and HANATO CHIRURAN (JP, 2011) did so far, ENVY (NOR, 2012) will follow.

GLORIA CYCLES (Brighton, GB), 2009 27.05. Campus Fest, Zittau, GER 28.05. SO 36, Berlin, GER 29.05. Pfingst Open Air, Passau GER 30.05. Schlossgrabenfest, Darmstadt GER 31.05. No Stress Festival, Goeggingen, GER 01.06. New Morning, Paris, FR

KID GALAHAD (Göteborg, SWE), 2010 14.05. Berlin SO 36, GER 15.05. Rosenheim Asta Kneipe, GER 16.05. Freising Uferlos Festival, GER 19.05. Zittau Campusparty, GER 20.05. Stuttgart Kellerclub, GER 21.05. Passau Pfingst Open Air, GER 22.05. Eichstätt Open Air Am Berg, GER 24.05. Bochum Zeche, GER 25.05. Dortmund Amsterdam Record Shop, GER 27.05. Moers Roehre, GER 28.05. Darmstadt Schlossgrabenfest, GER 29.05. Dardesheim Rock Im Mai, GER 25.06. Zeven Kuhmühlen Revival Open Air, GER 26.06. Bad Kissingen Umsonst & Draussen, GER 27.06. Berlin KenFM Radio Show, GER 27.06. Berlin Cafe Zapata, GER 16.07. Bochum Bochum Total, GER 17.07. Berlin Rock Im Grünen, GER 30.07. Trebur Trebur Open Air, GER 31.07. Hannover Fährmannsfest, GER

HANATO CHIRURAN (Tokyo, JP), 2011 09.06. 8BELOW Munich, GER 10.06. PFINGST OPEN AIR Passau, GER 11.06. OPEN AIR AM BERG Eichstätt, GER 12.06. BLUE SHELL Cologne, GER 14.06. STRUWELLIN Bad Muenster, GER 16.06. DUNCKER CLUB Berlin, GER 17.06. HESSENTAG Oberursel, GER 19.06. TRANSBORDEUR Lyon, GER 21.06. FETE DE LA MUSIQUE Paris, GER 22.06. TRACHTENVOGEL Munich, GER

FESTIVALS EMERGENZA 2012 where bands perform between may and November 2012

           FESTIVAL                                          CITY                                                                                              EMERGENZA BAND

1. 05. HAFENGEBURTSTAG Hamburg www.hafengeburtstag.de ONE DEAL A DAY 12. 05. ROCK IM MAI Dardesheim / www.Sachsen-Anwhwawlt.rock-im-mai.de KID GALAHAD

24. 05. SCHLOSSGRABENFEST                   Darmstadt                   www.schlossgrabenfest.de                           ENVY 
25. 05. PFINGST OPEN AIR                          Passau                        www.pfingstopenair.de                                ENVY

25. 05. VESTERBRO FESTIVAL (ex-START) DK-Kopenhagen http://vesterbrofestival.dk/ WINNER DENMARK FINAL 26. 05. OPEN AIR AM BERG Eichstätt www.openairamberg.de ENVY 26. 05. PANORAMA OPEN AIR Flensburg www.panoramaopenair.de LSD ON CIA 27. 05. FOOD FOR YOUR SENSES LU-Tuntange www.foodforyoursenses.eu ENVY 01. 06. ROCK ON THE ROCKS CZ-Ostrov www.rockontherocks.eu NO GOOD OK, LEO HORT RAUSCHEN, CAFFEINE? 08. 06. CAMPUS OPEN AIR Lübeck University THE JERKS 14. 06. UNI SOMMERFEST Cottbus University CAFE JAZZ + THE JERKS

29. 06. ROCK IM GRÜNEN                            Berlin                         www.rockimgruenen.de                                 THE JERKS

30. 06. UMSONST & DRAUSSEN Bad Kissingen www.umsonst-und-draussen-kg.de LEO, UNTERTAGEN, PROF GRABOWSKI

05. 07. ROCK FOR PEOPLE                           CZ-Hradec Kralove     www.rockforpeople.de                                   LSD ON CIA

07. 07. SOUNDBAD OPEN AIR Lohr am Main www.soundbad.de LSD ON CIA 13. 07. HAPPINESS FESTIVAL Karlsruhe www.happiness-festival.de UNTERTAKEN, KAELA 21. 07. FREE & EASY München www.backstage089.de BLACKOUT PROBLEMS 03. 08. TREBUR OPEN AIR Trebur / Hessen www.treburopenair.de BARULHEIROS 03. 08. UMSONST & DR Stuttgart www.ud-stuttgart.de KISS THE FUNKY MONKEY 04. 08. SAZAVAFEST Jamstage CZ-Kacov www.sazavafest.cz KOCKY NEBEREM 07. 08.SZIGET FESTIVAL HU-Budapest www.sziget.hu Winners Denmark and Norway

10. 08. OLGAS ROCK                                   Oberhausen                www.olgas-rock.de                                       LSD ON CIA 

11. 08. MOOSENMÄTTLE OPEN AIR Wolfach www.moosenmaettle-openair.de/ LSD ON CIA 17. 08. WUTZROCK Hamburg www.wutzrock.de Special Award Hamburg Emergenza band 25. 08. HOLTER MEETING Holte-Stukenbrock www.holter-meeting.de BARULHEIROS 12. 08. ROCKSPEKTAKEL Hamburg www.rockspektakel.de Winner Emergenza Hamburg 24. 11. DON'T PANIC - WE'RE FROM POLAND PL-Warsaw www.festiwalbezpaniki.pl Special Award Poland


2005-2010 TERAPIA DE GRUPO I-IV, Best of Emergenza POP.KOMM Showcase

With the biggest German popmusic fair and conference POP.KOMM moving from Cologne to Berlin, a yearly Emergenza-Showcase for the music industry professionals was held. First as "Best Of Emergenza" Showcases, later under the label "Terapia de Grupo". It featured Emergenza artists from all over Europe at a usually packed Knaack Klub.



Since 2007, Emergenza is cooperating with two of the biggest Open Air Festivals in eastern Europe: the Sziget Festival in Budapest / Hungary and the Rock For People in Hradec Kralove in the Czech Republic. Both festivals use Emerenza Festival as a source for booking European newcomer slots.



FESTIVAL COOPERATIONS Emergenza maintains collaborations with different open air festivals, mainly in Germany, but also in Denmark, Hungary, Czech Republic, Italy, the U.S.A., Russia and Austria. In return for promotion at emergenza festival and as a filter function for newcomer bands, the festival promoters choose one or several bands from the Emergenza artist roster. In 2011 these were the collaborations that took place:

22. 01. ROCK FOR NATURE Berlin

21. 05.  EUROBIKEFEST CZ-Pahsolavky  
21. 05.  ROCK ON THE ROCKS CZ-Brno  
20. 05.  ROCK IM MAI Dardesheim  
27. 05.  SCHLOSSGRABENFEST Darmstadt  
10. 06.  PFINGST OPEN AIR Passau  
11. 06.  OPEN AIR AM BERG Eichstätt  
16. 06.  START FESTIVAL DK-Copenhagen  
17. 06.  HESSENTAG Oberursel  
30. 06.  KALIVISION FESTIVAL Kamp-Lintfort  
03. 07.  SOUNDBAD OPEN AIR Lohr am Main  
05. 07.  ROCK FOR PEOPLE CZ-Hradec Kralove  
15. 07.  UMSONST & DRAUSSEN Bad Kissingen  
15. 07.  HAPPINESS FESTIVAL Karlsruhe  
17. 07.  ROCK IM GRÜNEN Berlin  
23. 07.  MOOSENMÄTTLE OPEN AIR Wolfach  
23. 07.  CAMPUS FESZTIVAL Hu-Debrecen  
26. 07.  ROCK FOR NATURE Schwäbisch-Hall  
05. 08.  BIG DAY OUT Anröchte  
13. 08.  SZIGET FESTIVAL HU-Budapest  
23. 08.  ROCKSPEKTAKEL Hamburg  
28. 08.  WUTZROCK Hamburg

SPECIAL GUESTS At the great number of shows that Emergenza promotes every year, there are good occasions for Best-Of-Emergenza bands to play in front of a lot of people in foreign cities without drawing own audience. In most countries theses Special Guest apperiances, that don´t take part in the voting process, are held regularly. In Germany in 2011 these bands benefited from it:


THE TROSS (Stuttgart)  
DAZY NERDS (Bad Windsheim)  
NOVOCHILD (Berlin)  
DAZY NERDS (Bad Windsheim)  
WASTE (Bayreuth)  
MAGIC VERMIN (München)  
ALTEDO (Nürnberg) 
IMAGO (Berlin)  
HARTHOF (Berlin)  

SUPPORT SHOWS Due to their close relationship with clubs, local promoters and booking agencies, Emergenza managers often get asked to recommend artists, when it comes to local support slots for international touring artists. Examples are NERVOUNS NELLIE supporting THE (INTERNATIONAL NOISE CONSPIRACY, DIE LETZTEN supporting SEPULTURA, BRIAN SCHRAM BAND supporting KID ROCK, IDE supporting DEF LEPPARD, GLORIA CYCLES supporting INXS and SUPERGRASS, KIM NIXON supporting ANNA CALVI and LAMENT from Leipzig even toured with PHILLIP BOA in 2009 following Emergenza´s recommendation.


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