Emerillon language

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RegionFrench Guiana
EthnicityEmerillon people
Native speakers
400 (2001)[1]
Language codes
ISO 639-3eme
Glottologemer1243  Teko[2]

Emerillon (alternate names Emerilon, Emerion, Mereo, Melejo, Mereyo, Teco) is a Tupi–Guarani language spoken in French Guiana on the rivers Camopi and Tampok. The Emerillon people refer to their language as Teke and it is mutually intelligible to Wayampi a language indigenous to French Guiana and Brazil.[3]

Emerillon is only used along the French Guiana borders with Surinam and Brazil. There are only four hundred Emerillon speakers in the world. Although there are a limited number of speakers, Emerillon is still taught as a first language to children.[3] Its name derives from mereñõ, a name given to members of the Emerillon tribe. They often refer to themselves as the Teko people which translates to "human being" in Wayãpi.[4]


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