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Emerson Network Power
A business of Emerson Electric Company
Headquarters Columbus, Ohio, USA
Key people
David N. Farr,
Chairman, CEO, and President, Emerson
D. Scott Barbour,
Executive Vice President, Emerson Network Power
Revenue $5.1 billion (fiscal 2014)
Number of employees
≈ 24,000 (fiscal 2014)
Website www.emersonnetworkpower.com

Emerson Network Power – a business of Emerson Electric Company – is a provider of critical infrastructure, developer and manufacturer of power, thermal and IT management systems, unified infrastructure, software and life-cycle services for original equipment manufacturers, telecommunications service providers, data center professionals, health care IT managers, and industrial facility managers.[1] Emerson Network Power has global headquarters in Columbus, Ohio.

About Emerson Network Power[edit]

Emerson formed its Network Power business platform in 2000 as an extension of the company’s rebranding efforts. The platform is composed of subsidiary businesses that provide solutions for technology infrastructure protection ranging from “grid-level” technologies to integrated system components.

On 30 June 2015, Emerson announced the plan to spin off its Network Power business as part of its efforts to focus on high-growth businesses.

Participation in Industry Consortiums[edit]

The Green Grid[edit]

Emerson joined The Green Grid consortium in 2007.[2]


ASHRAE, the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers.[3] Fred Stack, vice president of marketing for Emerson Network Power’s Liebert Precision Cooling business, was named chairman of ASHRAE’s Technical Committee 9.9 (Mission Critical Facilities, Technology Spaces, & Electronic Equipment / Systems) in 2008.[4]

Brands and Businesses[edit]

Individual Emerson Network Power brands and businesses (along with corresponding technology offerings) include:

  • Aperture / Avocent
  • ASCO / Firetrol
    • Power Transfer Switches, Specialty Transfer Switches and Switchboards, Power Control Systems, Power Monitoring and Control, Industrial Controls, Switch Monitoring, Alarm Panels, Jockey Pump Controllers, Electric and Medium Voltage Fire Pump Controllers, Diesel Engine Fire Pump, Power Transfer Switches, Emergency Power Optimization Services
  • Connectivity Solutions
    • Emerson sells its Connectivity Solutions Business in May 2014[5]
    • Connectors, Microwave Components, CATV Components, Coaxial Cable Assemblies, Structured Cabling & Connectors, Tools & Accessories
  • Embedded Computing
  • Embedded Power
    • Emerson Sells 51 percent stake in its Embedded Power Business in August 2013[7]
    • AC-DC Power Supplies, DC-DC Converters
  • Energy Systems / NetSure
    • DC Power Supplies, AC-DC Power Systems, DC-DC Converter Systems, DC-AC Inverter Systems, DC UPS, Batteries and Accessories, Monitoring, Outside Plant (Building Entrance, Buried Distribution, CATV Equipment, Connectors and Frames, Containerized Infrastructure, Cross-Connect Cabinets, Fiber Optic Enclosures, Power Transfer Switches, Remote Terminals, Terminal Blocks and Wireless Solutions), Fiber Distribution Hubs, Communication Networks, Telecommunications Services, 400V DC Power, Renewable and Hybrid Energy
  • Liebert / Chloride
    • AC Power Supplies / Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS), Precision Cooling Systems, Monitoring Hardware and Software, Data Center Service and Assessment
  • Knurr
    • Server Racks and Integrated Cabinets
  • Surge Protection
    • Active Tracking Filters, Surge Suppression Equipment (TVSS)

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