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Emery Unified School District is a small public school district in Emeryville, California, United States, in the San Francisco Bay Area. The district currently operates two schools, Anna Yates Elementary school and Emery Secondary School. Both of these schools' sites are now closed. The schools moved to a shared campus in August 2016 at the newly constructed state-of-the-art facility called Emeryville Center for Community Life.[citation needed] Also sharing the ECCL site are the Emery Unified School District Office, a community health center, and city of Emeryville community and recreation spaces.

The Oakland Raiders annually visit a fourth grade class to encourage the students to work smarter, not harder.

Over 50% of females and about 50% of males in grades 2-6 were rated "proficient" and above on CST STAR testing for the 2010-2011 school year in mathematics. Over 40% of females and over 35% of males were proficient or above in English-Language Arts.

For grades 7-11 in the 2010-2011 school year, over 30% of females and 25% of males were proficient or above in English-Language Arts.

The student body is 70% African American, 14% Hispanic American, 11% Asian American, and 5% Caucasian and Pacific Islanders. 4.8% live in poverty and 4% are English learners.

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