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For the device used in Scientology, see E-meter.
eMeter A Siemens Business
Industry Software
Founded United States (1999)[1]
Founder Cree Edwards and Larsh Johnson
Headquarters San Mateo, CA and Noida, USA, India
Products EnergyIP, Energy Engage
Owner Siemens
Parent Siemens
Website eMeter

eMeter is a software company based in San Mateo, CA and Noida that specializes in software for managing smart grid and smart meter technologies. eMeter Corporation provides the essential software platform and applications that enable electric, gas and water utilities to achieve success in their smart grid and smart meter deployments/projects.

eMeter Corporation was founded in 1999 by Cree Edwards and Larsh Johnson after having worked together to found CellNet Data Systems. Their idea was to build a company that would be able to manage all of the data that was be generated by the meters and turn it into information that could be used across the utility. Their solution-eMeter EnergyIP-is a robust, intelligent, and comprehensive product that eases the challenges utilities face when deploying and managing these complex Smart Grid systems.

The company was acquired by Siemens in January 2012.


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