Emi Tojo

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Emi Tojo
Born (1976-04-09) April 9, 1976 (age 39)
Iwaki, Fukushima, Japan
Ethnicity Japanese
Height 1.61 m (5 ft 3 12 in)[1]

Emi Tojo (東城えみ Tōjō Emi?), surname also romanised as Toujou, Tohjo, Tojyo, and Toujyo, born Emiko Tojo (東條江美子 Tōjō Emiko?), is a Japanese former pro wrestler, pink film actress and AV idol.

Acting and wrestling career[edit]

Tojo started her movie career in 1999 with the pink film Amazing! Erection Promotion Agent (驚異!勃起促進剤).[2] In 2001, she was signed to the "athress" (athlete-actress) gimmick of the professional wrestling promotion JDStar. Until 2004, she also starred in several V-Cinema films of erotic nature.[3] Her last film Wild Flowers that had a professional wrestling theme was released in April 2004 and featured Tojo with other JDStar wrestlers such as Mizuho Ishikawa and Cutie Suzuki.[4] In September 2004, she wrestled in Mexico.

AV debut controversy and after[edit]

In 2005, Tojo signed with the AV studio Natural High, part of the large Japanese AV company Soft On Demand. Her destined AV debut video was shot in August 2005 at Shin-Kiba 1st Ring and depicted Tojo getting gangbanged after losing a mock bout with wrestler Drake Morimatsu. The shoot stirred particular controversy within the puroresu community, raising concerns that the video may deteriorate the public image of female wrestlers.[5] Additionally, JDStar executives declared that Natural High's mode of using the premises was in breach of their agreement and attempted to acquire a ban on the video.[6]

Given the pressure faced, Natural High released another adult video with puroresu/kakutougi theme, Urgent Forced Release! Emi Tojo's Blitz AV Debut (緊急強行発売! 東城えみ電撃AVデビュー) in October 2005.[7] Nevertheless, the original AV debut titled Joshi Wrestlers' Battle Gonzo! Emi Tojo vs Drake Morimatsu: Immediate Loss in AV Debut Deathmatch!! (女子プロレスラーガチンコバトル!東城えみVSドレイク森松 負けたら即AVデビューデスマッチ!!) was released in December 2005.[8] Morimatsu was removed from her Trans-World Wrestling Tag Team Title due to her involvement in the video.[9]

Despite (or perhaps due to) the subsequent controversy, Tojo sustained a successful adult video career and was one of the most popular AV actresses in 2005, ranking #8 in the list of 100 best selling actresses at the video retailer DMM (part of the Hokuto Corporation).[10] In 2006 she won one of the Actress Awards for Excellence at the 5th Annual SOD Awards.[11]

As of 2011, Tojo is listed as working at the delivery health service Amore in Nagoya.[12][13]

Selected AV filmography[edit]

Video title[14] Release date Studio Director
Urgent Forced Release! Emi Tojo's Blitz AV Debut
緊急強行発売! 東城えみ電撃AVデビュー
2005-10-20 Natural High
Tattsun Nakano
Joshi Wrestlers' Battle Gonzo! Emi Tojo vs Drake Morimatsu: Immediate Loss in AV Debut Deathmatch!!
女子プロレスラーガチンコバトル!東城えみVSドレイク森松 負けたら即AVデビューデスマッチ!!
2005-12-21 Natural High
Emi Tojo's 100 Men Bukkake!
2006-10-05 Natural High
Tattsun Nakano
The Woman Everybody Loves! Female Professional Wrestler's Oil Wrestling
2007-02-22 LADY X LADY
Female Professional Wrestler Emi Tojo's Anal Deathmatch
元女子プロレスラー・東城えみ アナル解禁サドンデスマッチ!!
2007-10-01 Moodyz Acid
Fubuki Sakura
Violent Rape of a Strong Woman
強い女を力づくで犯す 婦女暴行
2007-10-25 Nagae STYLE
Nagae Takami