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For the artist born Emil Hansen, see Emil Nolde.
Emil Christian Hansen
Emil Christian Hansen.jpg
Emil Christian Hansen
Born May 8, 1842 (1842-05-08)
Died August 27, 1909 (1909-08-28)
Nationality Danish
Fields Mycology
Institutions Carlsberg Laboratory
Known for Saccharomyces carlsbergensis
Author abbrev. (botany) E.C.Hansen
Hansen in his lab.

Emil Christian Hansen (May 8, 1842 – August 27, 1909) was a Danish mycologist and fermentation physiologist.

Born in Ribe, he financed his education by writing novels. He was awarded a gold medal in 1876 for an essay on fungi, titled De danske Gjødningssvampe.[1] During his days as a university student in Copenhagen, he worked as an unpaid assistant to zoologist Japetus Steenstrup (1813–1897). In 1876, with Alfred Jørgensen (1848–1925), he published a Danish translation of Charles Darwin’s "The Voyage of the Beagle"; Rejse om Jorden. From 1879 to 1909, he was director of the physiological department at Carlsberg Laboratory.[2]

Employed by the Carlsberg Laboratory in Copenhagen, he discovered that yeast was composed of different kinds of fungi and that the yeast culture could be cultivated. He isolated a pure cell of yeast, and after combining it with a sugary solution, produced more yeast than was in a yeast bank. It was known as Saccharomyces carlsbergensis, and is used in lager beers.[3] See Fermentation, Yeast.

Hansen is the taxonomic authority of the fungal genus Anixiopsis (1897) from the family Onygenaceae.[4]

Publications by Hansen that have been translated into English[edit]

  • Practical studies in fermentation: being contributions to the life history of micro-organisms, 1896.
  • Considerations on Technical Mycology, 1905.[5]


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  • Beer in Health and Disease Prevention edited by Victor R. Preedy


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