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Emil Heinrich Meyer (born 6 May 1886 in Wiesbaden - died 9 May 1945 in Berlin) was a German business executive. Meyer was a board member at the ITT Corporation's Germany-based subsidiaries Standard Elektrik Lorenz and Mix & Genest as well as AEG.[1]

Meyer was a cousin of the industrialist Wilhelm Keppler[2] and became a member of the Freundeskreis der Wirtschaft, a group of industrialists committed to racialism and close to far right politics, led by Keppler.[1] The group supported the Nazi Party, which Meyer joined in 1933.[3] He was one of three directors of the Dresdner Bank, the others being Karl Rasche and Fritz Kranefuss, to belong to the exclusive Freunde des Reichsführer-SS circle, a development of Keppler's group.[4] As such he had the courtesy rank of Standartenführer in the SS. In 1935 he was made an honorary professor for Genossenschaftswesen at the prestigious Handelshochschule Berlin as well as a member of the Nazi Academy for German Law.[3]

During the latter stages of the Second World War Meyer was involved in Ostindustrie GmbH, a forced labour enterprise attached to the SS Main Economic and Administrative Office set up by Oswald Pohl in the General Government area of Poland in 1943.[3] Meyer committed suicide in Berlin in 1945.[3]


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