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Diamand House, Prague

Emil Králíček (October 11, 1877 – March 26, 1930)[1] was a Czech architect.

Králíček studied at Prague Industrial Arts School and in the offices of Antonin Balsanek in Prague and Joseph Maria Olbrich in Darmstadt. He began designing in Prague around 1900 in the office of Matěj Blecha, and worked in the styles of classicism, Art Nouveau, Czech Cubism and Czech Rondocubism successively. Beginning as draftsman Králíček worked himself into a position of project manager, and developed collaborations with a number of Czech sculptors like Celda Klouček, Antonín Waigant and Karel Pavlík.

Králíček started his own office in 1920, and committed suicide ten years afterward.

Work includes:

  • Hotel Zlatá Husa, Wenceslas Square in Prague, with Matěj Blecha, 1909-1910
  • Adam Pharmacy, at #8 Wenceslas Square, with Blecha, 1911-1913
  • the Diamant House in Prague, with Blecha, 1912-1913
  • Šupich Building, now the Moravian Bank, Wenceslas Square, possible attribution with Blecha



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