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Emil Mayer

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Dr. Emil Mayer
Portrait of Dr. Emil Mayer
Born3 October 1871
Neubydzow, Bohemia
Died8 June 1938(1938-06-08) (aged 66)
Vienna, Austria
EducationUniversity of Vienna
Known forPhotography
Elisabeth Deutsch (18 March 1882 – 8 June 1938)
(m. 1903; died 1938)
  • Wiener Amateur-Photographen-Klubs (President, 1907 – 1927)[1]
  • Royal Photographic Society (Member, 1926; Fellow, 1927)[2]
  • Photographic Society of Philadelphia (Honorary Member, 13 December 1927) [3]

Dr. Emil Mayer FRPS (3 October 1871 – 8 June 1938) was an Austrian photographer, lawyer, inventor, and businessperson.


Early life[edit]

Emil Mayer was born on 3 October 1871 in Neubydzow, Bohemia (now Nový Bydžov, Czech Republic) to Leopold and Anna Mayer.[4] In the summer of 1882, Mayer moved with his family to Vienna, Austria, where “his father set up business as a merchant.”[5]

From 1891 to 1896, Mayer studied law at the University of Vienna, where he earned the Juris Doctor.

Personal life[edit]

While still a student, Mayer left the Jewish community and converted to Catholicism. On 8 March 1894 he was baptized at the Johann Nepomuk Church (Leopoldstadt) [de] under the name Robert Emil.[4] The painter Max von Esterle [de] was his godfather.[4]


On 6 June 1903 he married Elisabeth Deutsch (18 March 1882 – 8 June 1938).[6]


To escape persecution from the Nazi regime after the annexation of Austria in March 1938, Mayer and his wife died by suicide in their home (BöcklinStraße 12) in Vienna on 8 June 1938.[7][6]


Kaffeehausrunde, Babenbergerstrasse, Vienna. (Reflection of Emil Mayer in the window).

After Mayer completed his studies at the University of Vienna, he established a law practice at Salvatorgasse 10 in Vienna.[4]

Mayer's first experience in photography was as an amateur, and he was a member of several Viennese photographer associations that focused on artistic photography. His artistic photos include documentary images of Wienerstraße images.[8]

Mayer was an honorary member of many domestic and foreign photographers' clubs. He also authored a textbook and was awarded several patents for photographic devices.[9]


Finally, Mayer left this he law firm and founded a photographic technology company DREM-Zentrale with Nikolaus Benedik.[7] The company's name was an abbreviation of DR. E. Mayer. International branches of the company included, DREM Products Corporation in New York and DREM Products Ltd. in London, England.[7][4]

Published works[edit]

Honors, awards and distinctions[edit]

  • Photographic Society of Philadelphia – Honorary Member, 13 December 1927


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Further reading[edit]

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