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Emil Schult (born 10 October 1946 in Dessau, Germany) is a German painter, poet and musician.

He is most famous for his collaborations with the electronic music band Kraftwerk. He has created most of their sleeve designs since 1973. (On some later albums, the credits are obscure enough to cause some doubt as to the extent of his contributions.) He also co-wrote the lyrics to a number of Kraftwerk songs, including "Autobahn", "Radio-Activity" (and all other songs on Radioactivity with lyrics), "The Hall Of Mirrors", "Trans-Europe Express", "The Model", "Computer Love", "Pocket Calculator" and "Techno Pop".

For a short while around 1973, Schult also played guitar & violin in the group; this was to be short-lived, since Schult by his own admission is not quite good enough to be a professional musician, and since the group had started to develop its synth-based sound it no longer had any use for a guitarist or violinist.

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