Emil i Lönneberga (film)

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Emil i Lönneberga
Emil i Lönneberga.jpg
Swedish DVD Cover
Directed by Olle Hellbom
Produced by Olle Nordemar
Written by Astrid Lindgren
Starring Jan Ohlsson
Lena Wisborg
Allan Edwall
Emy Storm
Björn Gustafson
Maud Hansson
Narrated by Astrid Lindgren
Music by Georg Riedel
Release date
4 December 1971 (1971-12-04)
Running time
98 minutes
Country Sweden
Language Swedish

Emil i Lönneberga is a 1971 Swedish film, the first of three films based on the Emil i Lönneberga books written by Astrid Lindgren.


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