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Émile François Ouchard (1872–1951) was a bow maker for stringed instruments / Archetier from Mirecourt, Vosges, France. Ouchard was also known as "Ouchard Père".


Émile François Ouchard began his apprenticeship in 1886 at the workshop of Eugène Cuniot-Hury in Mirecourt. Following the death of Cuniot-Hury in 1910, Ouchard stayed with Cuniot's widow to assist her in the running of the workshop, and so came to inherit the Cuniot-Hury business.

In 1923, he opened his own workshop at 1, rue Canon in Mirecourt. By then Emile Ouchard had become a prolific bow maker, and prior to opening his own workshop had worked for Joseph Aubry, Paul Bish & Olivier, Georges Coné, Charles Enel, Jean Lavest and Cuniot-Hury

Emile François Ouchard died in his hometown of Mirecourt in 1951. Emile Ouchard used only one stamp during his career: « Emile Ouchard ». He was succeeded by his son and pupil, Émile Auguste Ouchard (1900 - 1969). E. F. Ouchard's daughter, Margueritte Ouchard, married François Lotte.


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