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Emilia Marryat (later Emilia Marryat Norris; 1835?–1875[1]) was a British author. The daughter of author Capt. Frederick Marryat and his wife Catherine, she was known as a children's author who wrote adventure novels infused with moral lessons in the style of her father. Some of her novels, including Amongst the Maoris (1874), are set in the Pacific and New Zealand.[2] Amongst the Maoris is the first novel to take the Waikato region of New Zealand's North Island as a setting.[3] Though two of her novels have Australian content, she is not known to have ever visited the country.[1]

Her sisters Florence and Augusta were also authors: Augusta wrote adventure fiction (Left to Themselves: A Boy's Adventure in Australia (1878)),[2] and Florence was a prolific author of sensationalist novels who also acquired a reputation for hanging out with spiritual mediums.


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