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Emilia di Girolamo is a TV writer[1] and published author.[2] Emilia has a First in Drama and a PhD[3] in the rehabilitation of offenders using drama based techniques from Middlesex University.

She started writing for EastEnders in 2008 before joining Law & Order: UK in 2009. Emilia joined the core writing team of Law & Order UK for series 3&4 and took over as Co-Producer and Lead Writer for series 5&6. She penned 13 episodes in total but announced she was leaving at the end of season 6 to pursue other projects. She returned as a guest writer to write a two part season opener for season 7 Tracks and Tremors.

Emilia joined The Tunnel as showrunner for season 3, titled The Tunnel: Vengeance airing in December 2017 (Kudos/Sky Atlantic). [4]

Emilia has also written for The Guardian newspaper and blog.[5]


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