Emilio Larrosa

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Emilio Larrosa
Born Emilio Larrosa Irigoyen
Occupation Producer
Years active 1986-present

Emilio Larrosa (born Emilio Larrosa Irigoyen in Mexico) is a Mexican producer who has produced telenovelas and soap operas for Televisa.


Executive Producer, Original Stories, Adaptation
Year Title Notes
1986-87 El Camino Secreto Executive Producer
1991-92 Al filo de la muerte Executive Producer
Muchachitas Original Stories
Executive Producer
1992-93 Mágica juventud Original Stories
Executive Producer
1993-94 Dos mujeres, un camino Executive Producer
1994-95 Volver a Empezar Executive Producer
1995-96 El premio mayor Original Stories
Executive Producer
1996-97 Tú y yo Executive Producer
1997-98 Salud, dinero y amor Executive Producer
1998-99 Soñadoras Original Stories
Executive Producer
1999-00 Mujeres engañadas Executive Producer
2001 Amigas y rivales Original Stories
Executive Producer
2002-03 Las Vías del Amor Original Stories
Executive Producer
2004-05 Mujer de Madera Original Stories
Executive Producer
2006 La Verdad Oculta Executive Producer
2007 Muchachitas como tú Adaptation
Executive Producer
2009-10 Hasta Que el Dinero Nos Separe Adaptation
Executive Producer
2011-12 Dos hogares[1] Original Stories
Executive Producer
2013 Libre para amarte[2][3] Adaptation
Executive Producer
2015 Amores con trampa Executive Producer

Awards and nominations[edit]

Premios TVyNovelas[edit]

As Executive Producer
Year Category Telenovela Result
1987 Best Telenovela of the Year El Camino Secreto Nominated
1992 Muchachitas
1994 Dos mujeres, un camino
2000 Mujeres engañadas
2007 La Verdad Oculta
2010 Hasta Que el Dinero Nos Separe Won
2012 Dos hogares Nominated
As Writer
Year Category Telenovela Result
1996 Best Original Idea El premio mayor Won
2010 Best Story or Adaptation Hasta Que el Dinero Nos Separe Nominated
2012 Dos hogares

Premios People en Español[edit]

Year Category Telenovela Result
2010 Best Telenovela Hasta Que el Dinero Nos Separe Won
Best Remake Nominated


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