Emily's Reasons Why Not

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Emily's Reasons Why Not
Emily's Reasons Why Not.jpg
Khary Payton as Josh, Heather Graham as Emily, and Nadia Dajani as Reilly
Created by Carrie Gerlach
Developed by Emily Kapnek
Starring Heather Graham
Nadia Dajani
James Patrick Stuart
Khary Payton
Smith Cho
Country of origin United States
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 7
Executive producer(s) Vivian Cannon
Emily Kapnek
Gavin Polone
Bill Diamond
Robin Schiff
Ali Adler
Producer(s) Carrie Gerlach
Heather Graham
Coral Hawthorne
Michael Patrick Jann
Running time 30 minutes
Production company(s) Pariah Television
Sony Pictures Television
Distributor Sony Pictures Television
Original network ABC
Original release January 9, 2006 (2006-01-09)

Emily's Reasons Why Not is a television series starring Heather Graham. The show, which was based on the novel of the same name, was canceled by its broadcaster, ABC, after airing one episode on January 9, 2006.


The series centered on Emily (Graham), an editor of self-help books who is unable to find success in romance. In the premiere episode she ends a bad relationship and adopts a new rule for her romances: if she can list five reasons to break up with a guy then she does so. Emily gets help from her friends, among them Josh, whose character is strongly based on gay stereotypes. The show was widely considered a less risqué copycat of Sex and the City.[1][2]

In the first episode, she is convinced that the man she was dating was gay when he was actually a devout Mormon practicing chastity before marriage. His open virginity is presented through gay stereotypes, and his preferred sport, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is described as "the gayest sport there is" by Emily's former boyfriend.[3]


The show drew fire from pro-abstinence groups for its inability to portray an abstinent person and relying on stereotypes of homosexuality to portray an intentional virgin.[citation needed]

It was reported that ABC committed to the show before seeing a script. Despite heavy promotion by both Sony Pictures Television and ABC, and a viewing average of 6.2 million viewers, the show was pulled after the first episode due to negative reception; production was stopped after filming six episodes. ABC was said to have spent millions on promotion, including airtime, billboards and radio ads, and considered Emily to be the 'linchpin' of the network's post-football Monday-night schedule. The promotion was so heavy and the cancellation so abrupt that some magazines found themselves carrying cover stories about a canceled show. After viewing it, ABC's entertainment president suggested that they considered the show lackluster and unlikely to improve.[4]

One television critic[who?] said there are "over a million 'reasons why not' for this sorry show."[1] The New York Times attributed the cancellation in part to the extremely unappealing nature of the main character and the portrayal by Graham.[5]

In 2006, all seven episodes of the show aired on Spain's pay-TV channel Cosmopolitan,[6] on Sony Entertainment Television (Latin America),[7] on ORF1 in Austria, and on POP TV in Slovenia. The entire season can also be seen on video sites such as YouTube.



Episode # Title[8] Date Aired
1 "Pilot" January 9, 2006
2 "Why Not to Date Your Gynecologist" Unaired in America
3 "Why Not to Cheat on Your Best Friend" Unaired in America
4 "Why Not to Date a Twin" Unaired in America
5 "Why Not to Hire a Cute Male Assistant" Unaired in America
6 "Why Not to Look at Bridal Magazines" Unaired in America
7 "Why Not to Invite Your Vacation Date Home" Unaired in America

DVD release[edit]

DVD name Release date Ep #
The Complete Series May 1, 2012 7

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