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Emily (Émilie in the original French) is a cartoon that often aired on the Nickelodeon children's variety show, Pinwheel. The cartoon follows the adventures of Emily, a little girl who wears only red.

Emily has a pet hedgehog named Humphrey (Arthur in the French version). Other characters include Emily's cousins Alexander and Nicholas, her English friend Gregory, her friend Chloe, her little sister Pat (Elise in France), her big brother Stephen and his friends William and Sydney.

The episodes show Emily facing her fears (fear of the dark, bed-wetting, and the hospital), managing relationships (jealousy of her sister), as well as playing and having fun (playing hide-and-seek, going to the circus).

The author and illustrator of Émilie, Domitille de Pressensé, is French and specializes in children's books.

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