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Emily Howell is a computer program created by David Cope,[1] Dickerson Emeriti Professor of Music at UC Santa Cruz.[2][3] Emily Howell is an interactive interface that "hears" feedback from listeners, and builds its own musical compositions from a source database, derived from a previous composing program called Experiments in Musical Intelligence (EMI).[4] Cope attempts to “teach” the program by providing feedback so that it can cultivate its own "personal" style.[3] The software appears to be based on latent semantic analysis.[5]

Emily Howell's first album[6] was released in February 2009 by Centaur Records (CRC 3023). Titled From Darkness, Light, this album contains its Opus 1, Opus 2, and Opus 3 compositions for chamber orchestra and multiple pianos. Its second album Breathless was released in December 2012 by Centaur Records (CRC 3255).[7][8]

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