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Emily Noyes Vanderpoel (21 June 1842 - 20 February 1939) was an American artist, writer, and philanthropist.

Early life[edit]

Emily Caroline Noyes was born on 21 June 1842 in New York City to William Curtis Noyes and Julia Tallmadge Noyes.[1] She was the great-granddaughter of Col. Benjamin Tallmadge.[2] She was educated in private schools in New York, and later studied art under Robert Swain Gifford and William Sartain.[1]

On 22 May 1865, she married John Aaron Vanderpoel, with whom she had one son, John Arent Vanderpoel. They lived in New York and Litchfield, Connecticut. She died on 20 February 1939, and is buried in East Cemetery in Litchfield.[3]


Emily Noyes Vanderpoel was known for her work as a painter, working in watercolors and oils.[4] She was a member of the New York Watercolor Club (of which she also served a term as Vice-President) and the Woman's Art Club of New York.[5] She was awarded a bronze medal during the 1893 World's Columbian Exposition in Chicago.[5]

Beyond her artistic career, Noyes Vanderpoel was also a philanthropist and an active participant in the Litchfield community. She was the Honorary President of the Needle and Bobbin Club of Litchfield, and the Vice-President and Curator of the Litchfield Historical Society, during which time she published a two-volume history of the Litchfield Female Academy. She was also a member of the Daughters of the American Revolution.[3]



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