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Emily Prager
OccupationAuthor, journalist, teacher; former actress
Alma materBrearley School, Barnard College

Emily Prager is an American author and journalist. Prager grew up in Texas, Taiwan, and Greenwich Village, New York City. She is a graduate of the Brearley School, Barnard College and has a master's degree in Applied Linguistics.[1]


Prager starred in the daily TV soap opera The Edge of Night from 1968 to 1972. She was later a contributing editor of The National Lampoon, a performer on The National Lampoon Radio Hour and worked and appeared in the High School Yearbook Parody. Her also work appeared in Titters, A Book of Humor by Women. She was a writer for, and briefly a cast member of Saturday Night Live in 1981. Although she did not appear in the single episode for which she was credited as a featured player, she had appeared uncredited in five previous episodes, between 1977 and 1981.[2]

She was a writer-performer in the cult film Mr. Mike's Mondo Video and Robert Longo's Arena Brains. Her works include a compendium of her humor writing, In the Missionary Position, the acclaimed short story collection A Visit From the Footbinder and Other Stories, the novels Eve's Tattoo, Clea and Zeus Divorce, and Roger Fishbite, and a memoir, Wuhu Diary. She has been a columnist for the Village Voice,[3] The New York Times, the Daily Telegraph, Penthouse, and The Guardian.[4] She is a Literary Lion of the New York Public Library and in the year 2000, she received the first online journalism award for commentary given by Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism. She taught at the Shanghai American School (Pudong Campus) in Shanghai, China. Dana Elcar was her stepfather.




  • Clea and Zeus Divorce (1987)
  • Eve's Tattoo (1991)
  • Roger Fishbite (1999)


  • A Visit From the Footbinder and Other Stories (1982)
  • In the Missionary Position: 25 Years of Humour Writing (1999)


  • Wuhu Diary: On Taking My Adopted Daughter Back to Her Hometown in China (2001)


  • World War II Resistance Stories (1979, with Arthur Prager)
  • The Official I-Hate-Video Games Handbook (1982)

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