Emin Duraku

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Emin Duraku
Emin Duraku 1973 Yugoslavia stamp.jpg
DiedDecember 23, 1942(1942-12-23) (aged 24)

Emin Duraku (Serbian Cyrillic: Емин Дураку; 1918 – 23 December 1942) was a Yugoslavian partisan active during World War II, and a national hero.

Duraku was born in Gjakova in 1918.[1] He was an early Albanian member of the Yugoslav communist movement. He returned to his home region in 1939 and was part of the bureau of the party's regional committee. Duraku was killed by fascist forces in Lipljan and became a martyr to the communist cause. Following his death, an Albanian partisan unit, formed in January 1943, was named after him.[1]


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