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Emir Vildić
Emir vildic.jpg
Born (1984-02-25) 25 February 1984 (age 32)
Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina,
Occupation Academic musician, accordion teacher, accordionist, teacher of music education

Emir Vildić (born 25 February 1984) is Bosnian academic musician, accordionist, teacher of accordion and music education who plays the accordion and piano.[1] Vildić is also an accordion repairer and tuner.[2]


Vildić finished his primary and elementary music education in Tuzla, in the department of the accordion.[3] He also finished two programs at Secondary Music School in Tuzla: theory – a general department and the Instrumental department of the accordion in the class of prof. Midhat Zulić. After high musical school matriculation work Emir Vildić holds high school diploma degree:Musician of general direction and Musician accordionist.[4] Emir Vildić holds Academic degree from Teachers Faculty Department of Music Education at University "Džemal Bijedić" of Mostar.[5] Emir has also completed "world music" at the Music department University of Pennsylvania. Vildić also studied accordion at Academy of Art, Slobomir P University in the class of prof. Vojin Vasović, M.A.[6]

Work in music school[edit]

  • From 2008 Emir is working as "Teacher of accordion" in Public Schools in Tuzla Canton. B&H.


Work in accordion repair workshop[edit]

Emir Vildic, accordion tuning

Emir Vildić is one of the few remaining indisputable, highly reputable Masters of accordion tuning in Balkans. Emir has been trained for a number of years on Advanced Accordion Repair Techniques. Emir Vildić also ran his own accordion repair and tuning workshop based in City of Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Emir's repair and tuning workshop "AKORD" (eng.CHORD) is only registered accordion workshop in Bosnia and Herzegovina.[7]

"The basis of the theory of music"[edit]


2011th Emir Vildić created the first Handbook The basis of the theory of music named "MUZIKA" (eng.MUSIC) in Bosnian language.[8] Handbook in the preface the author states, inter alia:"As a teacher in the elementary music school, I felt the need, and obligation, and decided to make a kind of textbook, and thus give its modest contribution to the development of young artists, but also those who have not yet, and want to become. Sublimation of the most basic theoretical concepts of this manual as an additional, optional reading, especially for beginners, young musicians, students, schools for elementary music education, which are evidently deprived of this part of literature adapted to their age and stage of development."[9]

Review Reviewer professor of theoretical-musical subjects, Vildana Zukic in his review states: "Handbook of the basis of the theory of music by Emir Vildić intended for those who access the area for the first time. Matter in the manual deals with simple, clear and concise overview, written in simple text with no redundant data, and as such is suitable for beginners and children of school age. The manual features carefully selected material with all the examples that significantly facilitate the mastering of music theory and musical concepts. Tailored to the needs of the subject solfegio with the theory of music in music schools, but may be of help to all those who want to gain self-learning knowledge of music theory, "sad Zukic.[10]

"Issuance of this guide will have great significance for the profession, area of basic musical education of young people that the population which is also targeted manual'm dedicated. Since the author has studied manuals on teaching faculty, Department of Musical Arts,University Džemal Bijedić of Mostar, the content of music education gradual process, which is very comparable to the curriculum in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The explanations are clearly defined custom development psiho population which is manual and is intended, without excessive evidence that this knowledge in the field often obscure the more important properties of the process. "States inter alia in his review of Professor Jasmin Brašnjić.[11]

Scientific music articles[edit]

For academic study course at the University of Pennsylvania, Emir has written several scientific articles on the following topics:[12]

  • Gregorian chant and German monastic order;
  • Graceland, World Music Collaboration;
  • Tuvan Throat Singing;
  • Pygmy Pop;
  • Aboriginal Australia Rocking for Rights;
  • Kalahari Bushmen;

About Emir[edit]

Director of the Secondary Music School in Tuzla prof. Nedžmija Omrećehajić has written about Emir.

– "Emir showed all his talents in the first year of his education in the Secondary School of Music. His attitude towards learning had positive effects on the entire working atmosphere in the group (class, orchestra, choir chamber music groups in which he performed). During his education Emir showed remarkable improvement of his music abilities, having achieved a much higher level both technically and in the development of music expression. He was involved in all sorts of music activities in which his school participated organising concerts in the city, the Canton and the country. He represented City of Tuzla on home and international music competitions."[13]


During studies on the accordion as a soloist and member of ensemble chamber orchestra and mixed choir participated in many concerts and competitions in the country and abroad, winning numerous awards, among which the most important:[14]

  • International competition in the music Pianello Val Tidone, Italy 1998;
  • Second prize as a member of the accordion orchestra Primary Music School in the class of teacher Jahić Selma competition of students of music FBiH, Sarajevo 1999;
  • First prize trio accordion competition of students of music Federation, Neum 2002;
  • Second prize duo accordion competition of students of music Federation, Neum 2002;
  • Special Award as a member of the accordion orchestra in the class of Prof. Zulić Midhat,

competition of students of music Federation, Neum 2002;

  • First prize as a member of the choir class of Dr. Prof. Dusek Ćestimira,

competition of students of music Federation, Neum 2002;

  • Second prize, solo accordion competition of students of music Federation, Bihac 2003;
  • First prize duo accordion competition of students of music Federation, Zenica 2004;
  • First prize as a member of the accordion orchestra in the class. prof.Zulić Midhat,

competition of students of music Federation, Zenica 2004;

  • First prize as a member of the choir high music school in the class of Dr. Prof. Dusek Ćestimira

competition of students of music Federation, Zenica 2004;

  • Second prize for the professional international jury vocal interpretation "Student summer" Maglaj. 2005;
  • First prize jury for vocal interpretation, RTV Slon 2007;


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