Emirates national identity card

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Emirates national identity card
TypeIdentity card, optional replacement for passport for Emiratis in Gulf Cooperation Council
Issued by United Arab Emirates
First issued2 August 2021
Valid in
  • 5 or 10 years (Emiratis)
  • 5 years (Resident GCC nationals)
  • Residency expiration (Expats)

The Emirates identity card (Emirates ID or EID) is the United Arab Emirates' national identity card issued and operated by the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship. Enrollment in the program is mandatory by law for all citizens and residents of the UAE.[1][2]

Registration & Cost[edit]

Citizens and residents inside the UAE must register into the program. Infants born in the UAE are issued a card at birth, though biometrics (including fingerprint and retina scan) are only captured after the card holder turns 15. You can also track Emirates ID easily.

The card costs AED 285 for one year validity or AED 385 for two year validity for UAE Citizens. Expatriates are charged AED 100 per year of validity with the maximum years being capped at the expiry of their current visa.[3]


The Emirates ID card is the only identity document, along with passports, accepted by all local and federal government agencies in the UAE. It serves as a digital signature of the holder and is required for entering into telecom, utility and lease agreements.[4] The Central Bank of the United Arab Emirates announced that all personal bank accounts in the country will require a valid Emirates ID effective February 2019.

The Emirates ID is also one of the accepted documents for electronic border crossings at all UAE international airports.[5] Smartpass, an electronic identity application developed by the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) utilizes data from the Emirates ID to verify users' identity across all UAE government entities.[6]


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