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The Emirates Hockey League (EHL) is the national ice hockey league of the United Arab Emirates. The league is governed by the International Ice Hockey Federation. Founded in 2009, it currently consists of six teams: the Dubai Vipers, the Abu Dhabi Scorpions, the Dubai Mighty Camels, the Abu Dhabi Storms, the Al Ain Theebs, and White Bears Dubai. The Vipers, Scorpions, White Bears and Mighty Camels are composed of expatriate players working in the U.A.E., while the other two clubs consist of mostly Emirati players who form the United Arab Emirates national team.

The first game of the league was on October 7, 2009 between the Dubai Mighty Camels and the Abu Dhabi Scorpions, held at the Zayed Sports City in Abu Dhabi.

The league is sponsored by the Abu Dhabi Sports Council

2017 Season[edit]

Team Name Home Rink
Abu Dhabi Aeros Zayed Sports City
Abu Dhabi Scorpions Zayed Sports City
Abu Dhabi Storms Zayed Sports City
Al Ain Theebs Al Ain Ice Rink
Dubai Mighty Camels Dubai Mall Ice Rink
Dubai Vipers Dubai Mall Ice Rink
White Bears Dubai Dubai Mall Ice Rink

Previous Champions[edit]

Year Champion
2016-2017 White Bears Dubai
2015-2016 Dubai Mighty Camels
2014-2015 Dubai Oilers*
2013-2014 Abu Dhabi Storms
2012-2013 Dubai Mighty Camels
2011-2012 Dubai Mighty Camels
2010-2011 Abu Dhabi Storms
2009-2010 Al Ain Vipers*

*The Al Ain Vipers became the Dubai Vipers in 2013, and changed their name to the Dubai Oilers in 2014. The team changed back to Dubai Vipers for the 2016-2017 season.

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