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United Arab Emirates Rugby League
Emirates Rugby League logo
Founded 1st January 2007
RLIF affiliation Observer (revoked in 2015)
Responsibility United Arab Emirates
Headquarters Dubai Sports City, UAE
Key people Sol Mokdad (Chair)
Competitions Rugby League Cup, Emirate Of Origin
Website www.uaerl.ae
United Arab Emirates
As of 6 July 2009

United Arab Emirates Rugby League (or UAERL) was the governing body for rugby league in the United Arab Emirates.

Operating under the auspices of the Rugby League European Federation’s Euro Med Department,[1] the UAERL governed rugby league at all levels in the UAE, from the national team to the development of school and youth programs.[2]

The increased popularity of rugby league in the Middle East and Africa, specifically in Lebanon and Morocco, prompted the UAERL to announce its intentions to form an "Arab Confederation for Rugby League."[3]

Sol Mokdad was the President of the UAERL since 2007, and oversaw the important first stages of developing the sport in the UAE, including the first international matches played by the UAE Falcons and their first victory.

The first domestic rugby league competition in the UAE was staged in 2013,[4] with Abu Dhabi Harlequins becoming the inaugural champions.[5]

Also in 2013, UAERL announced the formation of the country's first junior international sides, which are to be coached by Apollo Perelini.[6]

In April 2015 the Rugby League was forced to change its name to remove all references to the United Arab Emirates following threats from the UAE Rugby Federation, and was disbanded altogether following Mokdad's arrest at the hands of rugby union officials in May 2015.[7]

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