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First edition

Emma is a 1955 novel by F. W. Kenyon published by Thomas Y. Crowell Company.

This novel recounts the historical relationship of Emma, Lady Hamilton and Admiral Horatio Nelson (Lord Nelson) in the late 18th century from Emma’s point of view. It covers the period of time from when she was 16 (~1777) to shortly after Admiral Nelson’s death (~44 years old in 1805). The novel starts out a little slowly but then picks up enough speed to be an enjoyable read. Unfortunately, with so little known about the real life people 200 years after the fact, one is left thinking the book is nothing but a complete fictional rendering surrounding a misty historical figure. While it is undoubted that the author took some normal literary liberties to flesh out the book, the characters and situation are true to recorded history.

Also published as: Emma: My Lord Admiral's Mistress by F. W. Kenyon (Avon T-128, First printing 1956)