Emma Andersson

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Emma Andersson
Born (1979-04-24) 24 April 1979 (age 37)
Ängelholm Municipality, Sweden
Occupation Television presenter, Reality Show Contestant, Model, Singer
Spouse(s) Henrik Zetterberg

Emma Andersson (born 24 April 1979 in Barkåkra, Sweden) is a Swedish television personality and singer. She is married to Detroit Red Wings captain Henrik Zetterberg.


Andersson first claimed to fame in Expedition Robinson 2001 as one of the contestants.[1][2] One year after her television adventure, she launched a singing career releasing the music album Who I Am.[1] Among her most known songs are Weightless, a duet with Bosson, though the album never became a success.[1][3]

In 2003 she entered a special "Best of the best" Expedition Robinson with the most popular former contestants, which she won.

Andersson got an offer to host Dolce Vita on Kanal 5, which she took.[2] The show ran for a couple of seasons. Emma has since done a number of different shows on Kanal 5 before moving to the USA with her fiancé.


In 2002, Emma Andersson participated as an interviewee in the Swedish TV4 show Ursäkta röran, Vi Bygger Om (English: Pardon the mess, we're redecorating). The show made headlines due to a segment called "the Swedish Nazi-reference championship." The singer and former Expedition Robinson-star was fooled into an interview during which the program leaders made over 50 Nazi-references and observed her reactions. These included jokes such as naming the show they claimed to work for "Treblinka", claiming that Leni Riefenstahl was a modern director of music-videos, that Joseph Goebbels was a DJ whose music resembled Andersson's, and dozens of other references to the Third Reich and the Holocaust. Throughout the interview, Andersson wore a T-shirt with the text "Treblinka - Class of '45". Andersson didn't seem to react at all on tape. She later claimed that her reactions were edited out in order to make fun of her[4]

Personal life[edit]

She married professional ice hockey player Henrik Zetterberg in Mölle, Sweden on 23 July 2010.[2] They live in Detroit, Michigan and have a summer house on Alnön in Sweden.[5]


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