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Emma Bridgewater
OwnersEmma Rice née Bridgewater, Matthew Rice

Emma Bridgewater CBE is a British ceramics manufacturer founded in 1985, owned and run by Emma Rice née Bridgewater and Matthew Rice.[1] Noted for their polka dot design among others, Emma Bridgewater specialises in pottery with motifs drawing on techniques stretching back over 200 years. The company is one of the largest pottery manufacturers based entirely in the UK. Most of its products are made in its factory in the city of Stoke-on-Trent, England, [2] while others are produced in Poland.

Emma Bridgewater has two shops in London as well as an outlet store located at the company's factory. The products can also be purchased from major retailers such as John Lewis and House of Fraser.

In 2016, Bridgewater was made President of the Campaign to Protect Rural England. [3] She is also a Patron of the Heritage Crafts Association.


A mug made by the company

The company was founded by Emma Bridgewater in 1985, when she was looking for a birthday present for her mother. Wanting to buy a cup and saucer but being unable to find any she liked, Emma created her own. Drawing four shapes, a mug, a bowl, a jug and a dish, samples were created in Stoke-on-Trent.[4] Matthew, Emma's husband, also designs for Emma Bridgewater. He indulges his passion for birdlife in the Birds range.[5] In its first year the company had a turnover of around £30,000. By 2009 this had increased to almost £8 million,[4] and £11 million in 2010, employing 180 people.[6]


Emma Bridgewater's cream earthenware pottery designs are also adapted for application onto textiles, glass, tin, stationery, and melamine.[7] Her designs include patterns such as Black Toast, Polka Dot, Union Jack, Starry Skies, Pink Hearts and Figs. During a visit by Prince Andrew, a member of the British Royal Family, Emma discussed the brand's launch of its biggest ever collection of Royal commemorative ware to celebrate the Queen's Diamond Jubilee in 2012.[8]Other Royal products have also been launched including the Emma Bridgewater Coronation range as well as commemorative mugs for the birth of Prince George and Princess Charlotte. [9]


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