Emma Haruka Iwao

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Emma Haruka Iwao
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Alma materUniversity of Tsukuba
AwardsGuinness World Record for most accurate value of pi (π)[1]
Scientific career
FieldsComputer science
Red Hat[2]

Emma Haruka Iwao is a Japanese computer scientist and cloud developer advocate at Google.[3][4] In 2019 Haruka Iwao calculated the then world record for most accurate value of pi (π); which included 31.4 trillion digits, exceeding the previous record of 22 trillion.[5][6][7][8][9] This record was surpassed in 2020 by Timothy Mullican who calculated 50 trillion digits,[10][11] but she reclaimed the record in 2022 with 100 trillion digits.[12] She identifies as queer.[13]

Early life and education[edit]

As a child, Iwao became interested in pi.[5] She was inspired by Japanese mathematicians, including Yasumasa Kanada.[14] She studied computer science at the University of Tsukuba, where she was taught by Daisuke Takahashi.[4][3] She was awarded the Dean's Award for Excellence in 2008, before starting graduate studies in computing. Her master's dissertation considered high performance computer systems.[4] After graduating, Iwao took on several software engineering positions, working on site reliability for Panasonic, GREE and Red Hat.[3]


Iwao joined Google as a Cloud Developer Advocate in 2015.[5] She originally worked for Google in Tokyo, before moving to Seattle in 2019.[2] Iwao offers training in the use of the Google Cloud Platform (GCP), as well as supporting application developers.[15][16][17][18] She works to make cloud computing accessible for everyone, creating online demos and teaching materials.[19]

In March 2019 Iwao calculated the value of pi to 31,415,926,535,897 digits (Equal to π × 1013), using 170 terabytes (TB) of data.[5][14][20][21][1][22] The calculation used a multithreaded program called y-cruncher using over 25 machines for 121 days.[5][23][19]

In March 2022 she extended the world record to 100 trillion digits of pi.[24]

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