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Emma Holten (born 1991) is a Danish-Swedish feminist debater, lecturer, online humans rights activist and editor of the Danish magazine Friktion.[1] Holten is also a student of literature at the University of Copenhagen.


Holten became famous in Denmark in 2014 when she took a stand against revenge porn. In 2011 Holten had naked pictures stolen from her and distributed all over the internet without her consent, and this led her to becoming an activist for the right to privacy on the internet and a prominent voice in the Danish feminist debate. In response to the revenge porn, Holten contacted Danish photographer Cecilie Bødker to have new naked pictures taken of her, but this time with her consent. The project titled "Consent" was published in the Danish online magazine Friktion.[2]

Since then, Holten has done projects focusing on gender-based violence, cyber bullying, revenge porn, and feminism. Among her projects are the 1800.plus project - 16 days of activism against gender-based violence,[3] the Tedx Talk "Learning from revenge porn: Online rights are human rights",[4] the video "Striving for Utopia" by The Why Foundation[5] and several lectures on feminism, revenge porn and online rights.

Holten is the editor of the magazine Friktion and a teacher at Krogerup Højskole in Humlebæk, Denmark.

In July 2016 the German TV-station RTL did a story on Holten which featured the stolen naked pictures without Holten's consent. This led to a lawsuit and an apology and compensation was given from RTL to Holten.[6]


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