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Emma Huismans (born July 10, 1947) is an Afrikaans writer, journalist, and activist born in the Netherlands.[1] At the age of five her family moved to South Africa where she learned Afrikaans.[2] She was later a reporter for Crisis News. Her efforts against apartheid were complicated by her being white, Afrikaans, and lesbian. This is dealt with in her premier work Berigte van weerstand. (English translation: Reports of resistance)[3] After that she did a few novels, but tended to do better in non-fiction. Her work is often deemed angry and frustrated with the difficulties of post-apartheid South Africa.[citation needed]


  • Berigte van weerstand (1990)
  • Requiem op ys (1992)
  • Werken met werkelijkheid (1993)
  • Sonate vir wraak (1994)


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