Emma Jane Hogbin

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Emma Jane Hogbin
Emma Hogbin.jpg
Born Emma Jane Hogbin
(1977-05-02) May 2, 1977 (age 41)
Residence Nottingham, United Kingdom
Nationality Canadian
Occupation Technical writer, Consultant
Known for Drupal Socks,[1] Unicorn Law
Political party Green Party of Canada
Spouse(s) James Westby (2012 - .. )
Website emmajane.net

Emma Jane Hogbin (born May 2, 1977) is a Canadian technical writer and free software advocate who lives in Bristol, United Kingdom.[2] She is active in Drupal[3] and the Bazaar version control system[3] in different capacities and has contributed documentation to the Linux Documentation Project.[4] She also speaks at various events on a range of technical and social topics.[5][6] She is a member of Ubuntu Women,[7] a group devoted in part to "Encouraging women to participate, for example, to learn to create new FLOSS software (or revamp existing software), not only to use GNU/Linux software, but to integrate backwards and learn more about it."[8] Hogbin unsuccessfully ran for the Green Party of Canada in the Ontario riding of Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound during the 2011 federal election.[9]

Unicorn Law[edit]

Hogbin formulated the "Unicorn Law", named by herself and Gabrielle Roth in 2009. The law states:

If you are a woman in open source, you will eventually give a talk about being a woman in open source.

In late 2010, the Unicorn Law was controversially referenced on T-shirts for the Haecksen conference, a mini-conf preceding Australia's linux.conf.au 2011.[10][11]


Hogbin has been interested in politics from an early age. In 1991, she served as a Legislative Page to the 35th Legislative Assembly of Ontario.[12] In 1998 she served as a Legislative Usher to the 36th Legislative Assembly of Ontario.[13] She continues to be politically active through her Web development consultancy and has built the campaign Web sites for Shane Jolley[14] and Dick Hibma. On March 25, 2010, she announced that she has successfully filed to run for the Green Party nomination to be a candidate in the next federal election. On August 17, 2010, she won the nomination becoming the party's candidate in the riding of Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound for the 2011 federal election.[9] On May 2, she was defeated receiving 5,092 votes.


Hogbin is active in the world of technology, specifically in free software and operates a freelance consulting business.

Free software[edit]

Hogbin is an accomplished contributor to free software projects in terms of documentation of software,[15] Web development (such as for the Bazaar version control system Web site[16]) and talks.[6][14][17][18] She has written articles for Full Circle Magazine on women in the Ubuntu community, and is a co-author of the book Front End Drupal.[19]


Hogbin runs HICK Tech, a service business providing education and Web development services.[20] Included in the work she has done is Web design development for the Language Evaluation and Assessment Project and Collaborative Environment for Language Learning projects at the University of Toronto,[21] and work for Canadian Department of Foreign and National Affairs.[22] HICK Tech has done two technology conferences for rural Canada, HICKTech 2007 and HICKTech 2008.[23][24]

Personal life[edit]

Hogbin enjoys crafting activities. She has been featured for her work as an amateur bookbinder[25] and knitting.[26]

Hogbin is known for being the first person on record to apply the GNU General Public License to a knitting pattern.[1]

She married James Westby on December 24, 2012.


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