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Emma Rice
Emma Juliet Rice

August 1967
Known forShakespeare's Globe,
Kneehigh Theatre

Emma Juliet Rice[1] (born August 1967) is an English actress, director and theatre professional. In January 2016 she was appointed to be the artistic director of Shakespeare's Globe in London. Just a few months into the role, in October 2016, it was announced that Rice would be leaving it in April 2018; the announcement followed a decision by the theatre's board, which cited concerns over authenticity and her use of lighting technology.[2][3] Formerly, Rice was artistic director of the Kneehigh Theatre in Cornwall, England.

Rice was born in Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire[4] and grew up in Nottingham.[5] She moved to London to study acting at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama and went on to perform at Kneehigh beginning in 1994.[6] Kneehigh Artistic directors Bill Mitchell and Mike Shepherd eventually gave her a shot at directing,[7] and she rose to prominence with ambitious performances that included productions in London's West End as well as smaller theatres. Rice says that her long-running production of The Red Shoes represented a turning point in her career when she came into her own.[7][8]

An adaptation of Rebecca directed by Rice toured the UK in 2015.[9][10]

Standard Issue Magazine made her their woman of the year in 2016 for “her fearlessness, leadership, innovation and bravery”.[11]


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