Emmanouil Dadaoglou

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Emmanouil Dadaoglou (Greek: Εμμανουήλ Δαδάογλου) (died 1870) was a Greek anarchist and a central figure in the early era of Greek anarchism.

Born in Smyrna, Dadaoglou was a trader. He probably acquired his anarchist ideas from Italian political refugees. In Paris he met with fellow anarchists Amilcare Cipriani and Pavlos Argyriadis. There they organized a group of European volunteers, anarchist and socialist, who took part in the riot against King Otto in Athens in 1862. Then, together with Plotinos Rodokanatis, Dadaoglou tried to organize an anarchist group in Athens, but failed. From 1864 to 1867, Dadaoglou lived in Naples, Italy where he took part in the activities of the International Working Men's Association (the First International). At this time he met Maria Pantazi. They returned to Athens in an attempt to organize a new anarchist group without meeting any success. They lived together until Emmanouil's death in 1870.


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