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Emmanuel Anquetil (1885-1946)[1][2] was a Mauritian trade unionist, and the second leader of the Mauritius Labour Party.


Anquetil spent much of his youth in England[3] among the dockers and through this became acquainted with trade unionism.

Labour Party[edit]

When he returned to Mauritius, he helped to found the Labour Party[4] with Dr. Maurice Curé,[5][6] and fought for the rights of labourers and workers.[7] He saw much injustice and was of opinion that "the workers on the sugar estates were better off when they were slaves".[8] In 1938, he was deported to Rodrigues by the British colonial government for organising strikes in defence of dockers' rights. He spent much time touring the island campaigning for a more liberal form of government, and took part in debates on the revision of the constitution.


His long tours around the island affected his health, and he died in 1946[2] of pneumonia before the new constitution came into being. He was succeeded by Guy Rozemont as leader of the Labour Party.[9]


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