Emmanuel Briffa

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Emmanuel Briffa
BornSeptember 4, 1875[1]
Occupationtheatre design
Years active1912-1942
Known forRialto Theatre, Montreal

Emmanuel Briffa (September 4, 1875 – 1955) was a Maltese Canadian theatre decorator whose career in North America spanned thirty years, starting in 1912.

Devoted almost entirely to theatre decoration since immigrating to North America from Malta in 1912, Briffa spent several years working in the United States prior to moving to Canada in 1924.[1] In Canada, Briffa established himself as one of the most sought after theatre decorators, decorating approximately one hundred theatres.[2]


His cinema designs in Quebec included the Louis XVI style design for the Rialto Theatre,[3] a National Historic Site of Canada,[4] the former Snowdon Theatre,[5]Seville Theatre, Cinema V, York Theatre as well as the Granada Theatre in Sherbrooke, Quebec,[6] also a National Historic Site.[7]


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