Emmanuelle 2

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Emmanuelle 2
Theatrical poster
Directed by Francis Giacobetti
Produced by Yves Rousset-Rouard
Alain Siritzky
Written by Bob Elia
Francis Giacobetti
Emmanuelle Arsan (novel)
Starring Sylvia Kristel
Music by Pierre Bachelet
Francis Lai
Cinematography Robert Fraisse
Edited by Janette Kronegger
Distributed by Parafrance Films (France)
Paramount Pictures (U.S.)
Concorde Film (Netherlands)
Release dates
December 15, 1975 (December 15, 1975)
Running time
83 minutes
Country France
Language French
Box office 2,249,707 admissions (France)[1]

Emmanuelle 2 is a 1975 French softcore erotica film directed by Francis Giacobetti, and starring Sylvia Kristel. The screenplay was written by Bob Elia and Francis Giacobetti, based on novel Emmanuelle: The Joys of a Woman by Emmanuelle Arsan. The music score is by Pierre Bachelet and Francis Lai.


As the film begins, Emmanuelle is travelling by ship to join her husband, Jean, in Hong Kong. To her annoyance there are no cabins available and she has to sleep in an all-female dorm. During the night, she is awakened by the girl in the neighboring bunk, who tells her that she is afraid of sleeping in a room full of women because she was raped by three Filipino girls while at boarding school in Macao - she concludes by confessing that she enjoyed it. Emmanuelle recognizes this as an invitation and the two women have sex.

Arriving in Hong Kong, Emmanuelle is reunited with Jean and, after a couple of attempts, manage to have passionate reunion sex. Emmanuelle slips into the life of the Hong Kong expat community. She becomes friends with Anna Maria, the young stepdaughter of one of Jean's lovers. The two swap sexual confidences and Anna Maria is forced to admit that she is still a virgin. Emmanuelle schemes to remedy this.

Over the course of the film, Emmanuelle has a series of sexual encounters. She has sex with Anna Maria's dance teacher and with a tattooed man in the locker room of the polo club. She experiences vivid sexual fantasies during an acupuncture session and also masquerades as a prostitute in a notorious Hong Kong brothel, where she has sex with a group of sailors (told in flashback to Jean). Together with Jean and Anna Maria she visits a bath-house, where they have steamy, full body contact massages from a trio of Thai woman.

Emmanuelle, Jean, and Anna Maria take a trip to Bali. When Jean emerges from the shower that night he finds Emmanuelle and Anna Maria waiting for him on the bed. Emmanuelle undresses Anna Maria and makes love to her, before sitting back and smiling approvingly while Jean takes the young woman's virginity.


  • Sylvia Kristel as Emmanuelle
  • Umberto Orsini as Jean
  • Frédéric Lagache as Christopher
  • Catherine Rivet as Anna-Maria
  • Caroline Laurence as Ingrid (Schoolgirl in the Ship )
  • Henry Czarniak as Igor, the radio operator
  • Tom Clark as Peter
  • Laura Gemser as a Masseuse


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