Emmanuelle 4

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Emmanuelle 4
Emmanuelle IV.jpg
Directed by
  • Francis Leroi
  • Iris Letans[1]
Produced by Alain Siritzky[2]
Screenplay by
  • Francis Leroi
  • Iris Letans[1]
Music by Michel Magne[1]
Cinematography Jean-Francis Gondre[1]
Edited by Hélène Plemiannikov[1]
  • Alain Siritzky Productions
  • Sara Films[1]
Release dates
  • February 15, 1984 (1984-02-15) (France)
Running time
92 minutes[2]
Country France[2]
Box office 1.227 million admissions (France)[3]

Emmanuelle 4 is 1984 French film directed by Francis Leroi and Iris Letans. It is the fourth official theatrical feature film in the Emmanuelle franchise.


Sylvia (Sylvia Kristel) is involved in a tormented love affair with Marc. She has tried to end their love, and escape, but always ends up back with him. After an encounter at a Los Angeles party, she decides she's had enough - she will go to Brazil and get extensive plastic surgery. This way he will never recognize her again, much less find her, and it will make for a great article which she promises to hand in to a California newspaper.

Sylvia goes through with it, and becomes a new woman named Emmanuelle (Mia Nygren); she is now a twenty-year-old virgin. She plans to take on all of Brazil in a series of sexual escapades that will purge her past.



Emmanuelle 4 was released in France on February 15, 1984.[1] On its first week in Paris, the film sold 122,009 tickets.[1] At the end of its theatrical run in Paris, it sold a total of 455,882.[1]


In a contemporary review, John Pym of the Monthly Film Bulletin stated that "a reach-me-down mish-mash, padded with flashbacks and what appear to be hardcore sequences, and scissored by many hands." The review also commented on the 3D in the film, as "barely noticeable".[2]


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