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Emmeline Frances Brice, née Hastin (9 March 1895 – 26 July 2006) was a British supercentenarian who was the oldest living resident of the UK until her death at age 111 years 139 days, following the death of Judy Ingamells on 1 March 2006, who was 112.[1]

Brice was one of five children, born at Knightsbridge. She watched the funeral procession of Queen Victoria while standing outside Harrods. Brice worked as a waitress and during the First World War was involved in manufacturing aeroplanes. One of her brothers was killed during the Battle of the Somme. She married Lesley Brice in 1915, who was invalided out of the war. Emmeline looked after him until his death, at the age of 67. During World War II, Brice worked in an ammunitions factory. Brice was widowed at 69 and lived on her own until 102, when she moved to a nursing home in Leighton Buzzard.[2][3]

Brice attributed her longevity to good food and a glass of whisky each night.[4] Upon her death, 111-year-old Annie Knight from Scotland became the United Kingdom's oldest person.

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