Emmit King

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Emmit King
Personal information
Born March 24, 1959

Emmit King (born March 24, 1959 in Bessemer, Alabama) is a retired track and field sprinter from the United States, who twice was a member of the American Relay Team for the Summer Olympics (1984 and 1988) but he didn't compete. He is best known for winning the bronze medal at the inaugural 1983 World Championships in the men's 100 metres. He set his personal best (10.04) in the 100 metres on 1988-06-17 at a meet in Tampa, Florida.

While at the University of Alabama, King became the 1983 NCAA 100 meters National Champion (10.15 seconds). In 1986, he became a member of Phi Beta Sigma fraternity through the Theta Delta chapter at the University.