Emmy Köhler

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Emmy Köhler
Born(1858-05-22)22 May 1858
Stockholm, Sweden
Died2 February 1925(1925-02-02) (aged 66)
Fresta, Sweden
Genreschildren, Christian hymns
Associated actsSigrid Sköldberg-Pettersson

Emmy Köhler, born 22 May 1858 in Stockholm, Sweden, died 2 February 1925 in Fresta, Sweden was a Swedish hymnwriter and writer. Among of her more famous works is the Christmas carol Nu tändas tusen juleljus[1] and the music for the children's Christmas song Raska fötter springa tripp, tripp, tripp ("Liten julvisa"), the later with lyrics by Sigrid Sköldberg-Pettersson.[2]


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