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TypeBrandy and cut brandy
ManufacturerEmperador Inc.
Country of originPhilippines
WebsiteOfficial website;

Emperador is a brand of cut brandy and brandy produced by Emperador Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Alliance Global Group Inc.

It has sometimes been described as the world's best-selling brand of brandy in terms of quantity of brandy sold, with annual sales of 275 million liters in 2015.[1][2] However, by international standards, the Emperador Light expression is considered a "cut brandy" rather than a true brandy, as it contains neutral spirits alcohol made from sugar cane.[2][3] Since this is the biggest selling variant of the brand, the brand would not be considered the best selling brandy in the world under the ordinary definition of "brandy".

The brand's market was initially limited to the Philippines, but has since expanded to Thailand, China, the United States,[4] and other countries.[1]

Advertising strategy[edit]

The advertisement approach of Emperador brandy emphasize success in life and traditional moral values such as hard work, ambition, listening to parents' advice, and professionalism. The people featured in the advertisements were always dressed well, wearing coats and suits.[5]

One of its first endorsers was Noli De Castro during the 1990s.


In 1990, Emperador Brandy was launched as Philippines' first brandy label. Emperador Brandy has since started to expand its brand footprint outside the Philippines. It holds its position as the world's largest "cut brandy" by volume and it is now being distributed in 40 countries throughout Asia, North America, Africa, Middle East, and Europe.

In 2010, Emperador Light was introduced with lower alcohol content and was targeted to the younger alcoholic beverage consumers. Sales increased significantly after that, rising from 57 million liters in 2009 to nearly 300 million liters in 2015.[2] The label of the Light variation identifies the product as "Premium BRANDY Liqueur", rather than simply "brandy". This indicates that the product is a liqueur containing flavorings, sweeteners, and neutral spirits alcohol made from sugar cane, in addition to brandy.

Popular in Asia, primarily in the Philippines and the Middle East, Emperador secured the top spot in an article in The Spirits Business after making its sales figures available to the publication for the first time.[1] In 2010 Emperador Light was introduced, bolstered by a hugely successful "Gawin mong Light" campaign the following year. After acquiring Bodega San Bruno in Jerez, the brand introduced an Emperador Deluxe variant in 2013. The brand had a 7.6% reduction of sales by volume in 2015, but maintained its volume above 30 million cases (270 million liters), a level it has held since 2012.[1][2]


  • Emperador Light (brandy liqueur)[6]
    • ABV: 27.5%
    • Color: golden amber
    • Flavor and aroma: "Yeasty aromas and flavors of raisin bread dough, nut skin and oil, and brown sugar with a silky, soft, fruity light-to-medium body and a tingling, brisk caramel cream, honeyed dried fruits, touch of pepper and honeydew, and balsa finish." (according to the Beverage Testing Institute)
  • Emperador Deluxe (a true brandy produced and bottled in Spain)[2][7]
    • ABV: 30%
    • Color: dark amber
    • Flavor and aroma: "Palomino grapes, toffee, almonds and honey" (according to the brand's producer)
  • Emperador Solera Reservada[8]
    • ABV: 40%
    • Color: golden amber
    • Flavor and aroma: "Aromas and flavors of caramelized nuts, tiramisu, honey butter, and mocha with a silky, bright, dry-yet-fruity medium body and an effortless, interesting, medium-length latte and tres leche cake, milk chocolate, delicate spices, and cola finish." (according to the Beverage Testing Institute)


In the 2016 International Review of Spirits organized by the Beverage Testing Institute in Chicago, Emperador Solera Reservada received a rating of 89 points and a silver award (highly recommended), and Emperador Light was rated at 83 points and received a bronze award (recommended).[9]


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