Emperor (EP)

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Emperor EP.png
EP by Emperor
Released May 1993
Recorded December 1992
Genre Black metal
Length 21:18
Label Candlelight
Producer Emperor
Emperor chronology
Wrath of the Tyrant
As the Shadows Rise

Emperor is the debut EP by the Norwegian black metal band Emperor. It was recorded in December 1992 and released in May 1993. The songs on As the Shadows Rise were recorded during the same session.

The original 12" MLP was limited to 500 copies. In June 1993, it was re-released as a split album with Enslaved's debut EP, Hordanes Land. In 1998 it was re-mastered and released by Candlelight Records with the Wrath of the Tyrant demo on the same disk.

Two of the EP's songs—"Wrath of the Tyrant" and "Night of the Graveless Souls"—are re-recordings; originally appearing on Wrath of the Tyrant. The other two songs—"I Am the Black Wizards" and "Cosmic Keys to My Creations and Times"—were later re-recorded for the band's debut album, In The Nightside Eclipse.

The album artwork is a section of a larger engraving called "Death on a Pale Horse (Revelation)" by Gustave Doré.

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Length
1. "I Am the Black Wizards"   6:24
2. "Wrath of the Tyrant"   4:15
3. "Night of the Graveless Souls"   4:17
4. "Cosmic Keys to My Creations and Times"   6:22
Total length: