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Emperor Ningzong of Song
Song Ningzong.jpg
Emperor of the Song dynasty
Reign 24 July 1194 – 17 September 1224
Coronation 24 July 1194
Predecessor Emperor Guangzong
Successor Emperor Lizong
Born Zhao Kuo
(1168-11-19)19 November 1168
Died 17 September 1224(1224-09-17) (aged 55)
Empresses Empress Gongshu
Empress Gongsheng
  • Consort Cao
  • Consort Yan
  • Consort Zhong
  • eldest son
  • Zhao Jun
  • Zhao Tan
  • Zhao Zeng
  • Zhao Jiong
  • Zhao Qi
  • Zhao Zhi
  • Zhao Ji
  • Zhao Di
  • Princess of Qi
Era dates
Qingyuan (慶元; 1195–1201)
Jiatai (嘉泰; 1201–1204)
Kaixi (開禧; 1205–1207)
Jiading (嘉定; 1207–1224)
Posthumous name
Fatian Beidao Chunde Maogong Renwen Zhewu Shengrui Gongxiao Huangdi
Temple name
Ningzong (寧宗)
House House of Zhao
Father Emperor Guangzong
Mother Empress Ciyi
Emperor Ningzong of Song
Traditional Chinese 宋寧宗
Simplified Chinese 宋宁宗
Literal meaning "Peaceful Ancestor of the Song"
Zhao Kuo
Traditional Chinese 趙擴
Simplified Chinese 赵扩

Emperor Ningzong of Song (19 November 1168 – 17 September 1224), personal name Zhao Kuo, was the 13th emperor of the Song dynasty in China and the fourth emperor of the Southern Song dynasty. He reigned from 1194 until his death in 1224. He was noted for the cultural and intellectual achievements made during his reign. In particular, Zhu Xi wrote some of his most famous Neo-Confucianist works during this period. However, Emperor Ningzong was known for his aversion towards the spread of Neo-Confucianism in his imperial court.

On the political side, however, Emperor Ningzong saw his government being plagued by rising inflation that threatened the economy and the military advances by the Jurchens from the north during the wars between the Song dynasty and Jurchen-led Jin dynasty.

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Emperor Ningzong
Born: 1168 Died: 1224
Regnal titles
Preceded by
Emperor Guangzong
Emperor of the Song Dynasty
Succeeded by
Emperor Lizong