Emperor Shenzong of Western Xia

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Emperor Shenzong of Western Xia
Emperor of the Western Xia dynasty
PredecessorEmperor Xiangzong
SuccessorEmperor Xianzong
Retired Emperor of the Western Xia dynasty
BornLi Zunxu (李遵頊)
Died1226 (aged 62–63)
Posthumous name
Emperor Yingwen (英文皇帝)
Temple name
Shenzong (神宗)

Emperor Shenzong of Western Xia (1163–1226), born Li Zunxu (Chinese: 李遵頊), was the eighth emperor of the Tangut-led Chinese Western Xia dynasty. He ruled from 1211 to 1223.


Shenzong took power after a coup d'état and continued Xiangzong's policy of invading Jin Empire. He started many campaigns against Jin before the Jin Emperor counterattacked, killing many Western Xia soldiers. However, Shenzong continued to attack Jin despite the poor economy, causing high discontent among his people complaining of high taxes. He did not listen to those who advised peace with Jin Empire, and Western Xia sped up its decline. He passed power onto his son Lǐ Déwàng in 1223, and died in 1226.


Father: Prince Zhongwu of Qi (齐国忠武王)

  1. Emperor Xianzong of Western Xia Dewang (德旺)
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