Emperor Tomato Ketchup (film)

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Emperor Tomato Ketchup
HepburnTomato Kechappu Kōtei
Directed byShūji Terayama
Produced byArt Theatre Guild
Written byShūji Terayama
StarringKeiko Niitaka
Salvador Tari
Distributed byDaguerreo Press
Release date
  • 1971 (1971)
  • January 27, 1996 (1996-01-27)
Running time
27 min (1971)
75 min (1996)

Emperor Tomato Ketchup (トマトケチャップ皇帝, Tomato Kechappu Kōtei) is a Japanese short experimental film made by Shūji Terayama. A 27-minute cut was released in 1971. A "director's cut" of sorts, attempting to recreate the film as originally made in 1970, was released as a 75-minute feature in 1996, 13 years after Terayama's death.[1][2]


A young boy is the emperor of a country in which children have overthrown the adults.



The British alternative rock band Stereolab named their 1996 album Emperor Tomato Ketchup after the film.

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